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The Resurrection Stone

Harry Potter:
[Walking into a clearing in the Forest, Harry pulls the Snitch from his pocket]
I'm ready to die.
[He kisses it, and it opens to reveal a small black stone]

Harry Potter:
The Resurrection Stone...
[he holds it in his hands, and closes his eyes. As he opens them, his parents, Sirius, and Remus appear in the clearing]

Lily Potter:
[Lily smiles at her son and holds her hand out to him. Harry reaches out to touch it, but finds his own hand just passes through hers]
You've been so brave, sweetheart.
Harry Potter:
Why are you here? All of you?
Lily Potter:
We never left.
Harry Potter:
[He turns to Sirius]
Does it-does it hurt? Dying?
Sirius Black:
Quicker than falling asleep.
James Potter:
You're nearly there, son.
Harry Potter:
I'm sorry. I never wanted any of you to die for me.
[He turns to Lupin]

Harry Potter:
And Remus, your son...
Remus Lupin:
Others will tell him what his mother and father died for. One day, he'll understand.
Harry Potter:
You'll stay with me?
James Potter:
Until the end.
Harry Potter:
And he won't be able to see you?
Sirius Black:
[He reaches towards Harry's heart]

Sirius Black:
We're here, you see.
Harry Potter:
Stay close to me.
Lily Potter:
[He drops the Stone, and is once again alone]

...the Cloak of Invisibility to
hide you from your enemies...
...and the Resurrection Stone to
bring back loved ones from the dead.
Together, they make
one the master of death.
But few truly believe
that such objects exist.
Do you?
Do you believe they exist, sir?
I see no reason to put stock
into an old wives' tale.
You're lying.
You know one exists.
You told him about it.
You told him about the Elder Wand
and where he could go looking for it.
He tortured me.
...I only conveyed rumors.
There's no telling whether he will find it.
He has found it, sir.
We'll let you rest.

Clip duration: 85 seconds
Views: 70
Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Year: 2011
Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy, mystery
Summary: Harry, Ron, and Hermione search for Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes in their effort to destroy the Dark Lord as the final battle rages on at Hogwarts.


Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe
Lily Potter - Geraldine Somerville
Sirius Black - Gary Oldman
James Potter - Adrian Rawlins
Remus Lupin - David Thewlis