How'd you get away? Puking Pastilles. It wasn't pretty. Told them I was hungry and wanted...

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix2007
Puking Pastilles
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Hermione Granger:
How'd you get away?
Ginny Weasley:
Puking Pastilles. It wasn't pretty.
Ron Weasley:
Told them I was hungry and wanted some sweets. Of course, they told me to bugger off and ate the lot themselves.
Hermione Granger:
That was clever, Ron!
Ron Weasley:
It's been known to happen.


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How'd you get away Puking Pastilles It wasn't pretty
00:00:04.754 --> 00:00:06.881
Told them I was hungry wanted some sweets
00:00:07.048 --> 00:00:09.592
They told me to bugger off and ate the lot themselves
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That was clever Ron
00:00:12.762 --> 00:00:15.223
Has been known to happen It was brilliant

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Uploaded: 27 November, 2022
Genres: adventure, fantasy, mystery
Summary: Returning for his fifth year of study at Hogwarts, Harry is stunned to find that his warnings about the return of Lord Voldemort have been ignored. Left with no choice, Harry takes matters into his own hands, training a small group of students to defend themselves against the dark arts.


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Hermione Granger - Emma Watson
Ginny Weasley - Bonnie Wright
Ron Weasley - Rupert Grint