Looks a bit peaky, doesn't he? Peaky? What'd you expect him to look like? He fell fifty...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban2004
He looks a bit peaky doesn't he Peaky
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[as Harry lays unconcious]
Looks a bit peaky, doesn't he?
Fred Weasley:
Peaky? What'd you expect him to look like? He fell fifty feet.
George Weasley:
Yeah, c'mon, Ron. We'll walk you off the Astronomy Tower and see how you come out looking.
Probably a right sight better than he normally does.
[he opens his eyes to see everyone is with him]

Harry! How are you feeling?
[he slips on his glasses]
Fred Weasley:
Gave us a right good scare, mate.
What happened?
You fell off your broom.
Really? I meant the match. Who won?
[silence, no one is answering]

No one blames you, Harry. The Dementors aren't meant to come on the grounds. Dumbledore was furious. After he saved you, he sent them straight off.
There's something else you should know, Harry. Your Nimbus - when it blew away? - it sort of landed in the Whomping Willow. And well...
[he hands Harry his broken broom stick]


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:04.128
He looks a bit peaky doesn't he Peaky
00:00:04.295 --> 00:00:06.589
What do you expect He fell over 100 feet
00:00:06.755 --> 00:00:09.633
Let's walk you off a tower and see what you look like
00:00:09.842 --> 00:00:12.886
Probably a right sight better than he normally does
00:00:16.557 --> 00:00:19.518
How are you feeling Oh brilliant
00:00:19.727 --> 00:00:21.687
You gave us a right good scare
00:00:21.937 --> 00:00:25.441
What happened Well you fell off your broom
00:00:25.733 --> 00:00:28.001
Really I meant the match Who won
00:00:32.489 --> 00:00:34.199
No one blames you Harry

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Uploaded: 19 March, 2022
Genres: adventure, fantasy
Summary: Year three at Hogwarts means new fun and challenges as Harry learns the delicate art of approaching a Hippogriff, transforming shape-shifting Boggarts into hilarity and even turning back time. But the term also brings danger: soul-sucking Dementors hover over the school, an ally of the accursed He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named lurks within the castle walls, and fearsome wizard Sirius Black escapes Azkaban. And Harry will confront them all.


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Fred Weasley - James Phelps
George Weasley - Oliver Phelps