I really believed him
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I finally get to OT 3 and they give me the secret materials, which I've been hearing about...

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Paul Haggis:
I finally get to OT 3 and they give me the secret materials, which I've been hearing about all this time. They're hand written by Hubbard. You'd have to keep them in a locked briefcase, be very cautious because they would always say if this gets out it's dangerous to people. It can actually do them harm if they are not adequately prepared. And I read it and it doesn't make any sense... I think, I remember for one fleeting second thinking well maybe it's an insanity test. Maybe if we believe this they kick you out. You know? Maybe you're insane! That of course is not the case. They talk about, you know, the fact that the earth was created, that such and such of trillions of years ago and this guy, who's this space guy... and put them in volcanoes and then blow them up with A-bombs... And we have these lost souls all over us and we have to get rid of them. And I'm going what the fuck are you talking about? I mean, I'm down for the self-help stuff. I'm down for, ok, I can be clear, I can, you know, I can get rid of those, the negative emotions, but what the fuck is this?


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I really believed him
00:00:03.025 --> 00:00:05.067
so we got married
00:00:07.869 --> 00:00:11.839
We spent the winter in that lighthouse on the lake in the poconos
00:00:11.879 --> 00:00:13.789
I remember one awful night
00:00:13.829 --> 00:00:16.289
when I was asleep and he was out typing
00:00:16.329 --> 00:00:18.998
And he hit me across the side of the head
00:00:19.001 --> 00:00:20.629
with a 45
00:00:20.669 --> 00:00:23.139
Because I was smiling in my sleep
00:00:23.169 --> 00:00:25.849
and he said I was thinking about somebody else
00:00:25.889 --> 00:00:28.309
I got up left the house
00:00:28.339 --> 00:00:30.608
and walked on the ice of the lake
00:00:30.638 --> 00:00:32.808
I was terrified
00:00:32.848 --> 00:00:34.608
He always said that he would kill me

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