I don't give no serviceman's discount
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You know one of these days you'll be puking blood in some alley and you're going to look...

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You know one of these days you'll be puking blood in some alley and you're going to look up and see me standing there!
Keep dreaming, shitball!
You're going to pay full price Rummy! I don't give no serviceman's discount!
That's too bad, your old lady does.

One night you're going to be puking blood in some alley... ...and you'll see me standing there. Then we'll see. Keep dreaming, shitball. You'll pay full price. I don't give any serviceman's discount. Too bad. Your old lady does. Just about cleaned you out. Sure makes you feel good, doesn't it? Helping Uncle Sam battle dirty drawers? Just pump the neighbor's dog, Jake? Or are you always that slack-eyed and silly? Looks like you need a lift, Highway. Suck on one of these, smooth as a prom queen's thighs only not quite so risky. Havana cured. Got a pal over in Guantanamo in Supply.

Clip duration: 49 seconds
Views: 225
Timestamp in movie: 00:00:00
Uploaded: 13 December, 2020
Genres: drama, war
Summary: Hard-nosed, hard-living Marine Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway (Clint Eastwood) clashes with his superiors and his ex-wife as he takes command of a spoiled recon platoon with a bad attitude.


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