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Helter Skelter quotes

Helter Skelter poster
In 2001, Jeremy Davies was in preparations for a different independent film about Charles Manson. He made a tape for the filmmakers of himself playing Manson and the tape became a popular bootleg in the industry. CBS cast Davies and allowed him to rewrite his lines due to his performance in the tape.GoofsThe story takes place in 1969 but the phone Sharon Tate is talking on has an RJ10 connector which was not introduced till the late 1970s.QuotesCharles Manson: How can I be a hippie when I hate hippies?ConnectionsReferences Valley of the Dolls (1967)if(typeof uet === 'function'){ uet('be', 'StaticFeature_DidYouKnow', {wb: 1}); }if(typeof uex === 'function'){ uex('ld', 'StaticFeature_DidYouKnow', {wb: 1}); }if(typeof uet === 'function'){ uet('bb', 'StaticFeature_UserReviews', {wb: 1}); }User reviews

Director: John Gray
Writer: Vincent Bugliosi (book), Curt Gentry (book), John Gray
Production: Warner Bros. Television
Year: 2004
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.4
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 16 May 2004
Awards: Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 5 nominations.

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Charles Manson - Jeremy Davies
Linda Kasabian - Clea DuVall
Patricia 'Katie' Krenwinkel - Allison Smith
Charles "Tex" Watson - Eric Dane
Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme - Mary Lynn Rajskub
Bobby Beausoleil - Michael Weston
Joey Dimarco - Hal Ozsan
Milio - Rick Gomez
Detective Morrisy - Robert Joy
Sgt. Whiteley - Chris Ellis
Rosemary LaBianca - Isabella Hofmann
Leno LaBianca - Robert Costanzo
Catherine 'Gypsy' Share - Yvonne Delarosa
Kathryn 'Kitty' Lutesinger - Cheselka Leigh
Mr. Krenwikle - John Pleshette
Sharon Tate - Whitney Dylan
Mrs. Kasabian - Susan Ruttan
Susan 'Sadie' Atkins - Marguerite Moreau
Vincent Bugliosi - Bruno Kirby
Leslie Van Houten - Catherine Wadkins
Steve 'Clem' Grogan - Kai Lennox
Paul Watkins - Hopwood DePree
Bruce Davis - Matthew J. Williamson
Gary Fleishman - Nick Jameson
Detective Kleinman - Kirk B.R. Woller
Judge Keene - Robert Pine
Chief Davis - Wolf Muser
Roman Polanski - Marek Probosz
Abigail Folger - Elizabeth Ann Bennett
Voytek Frykowski - George Tasudis
Jay Sebring - Patrick Fabian
Gary Hinman - Jaimz Woolvett
Steve Parent - Lance Ohnstad
Will Garretson - Kelly Nyks
Dr. Noguchi - François Chau
Terry Melcher - Jeffrey Johnson
Dennis Wilson - Chris Jacobs
Suzanne LaBianca - Chad Morgan
Sgt. William Gleason - Kim Strauss
Winifred Chapman - Gwen McGee
L.A. Newscaster - Mark Thompson
Local TV Reporter - Patricia Del Rio
Richard Caballero - Kevin London
Man With Thick Glasses - P.J. Byrne
Van Nuys Judge - Paul Kent
CHP Officer - John Lacy
Stand Up Reporter at Tate House - Ted Garcia
Jail Guard - Abner Genece
Guard Duty Cop - Apesanahkwat
Woman on the Street - Patricia Herd
College hippie #1 - Susannah L. Brown
Officer Pursell - John K. Anderson
Jerry Rubin - David Ackert
Bernardine Dohrn - Danielle DiCerbo
Polish Man - Endre Hules
Gossip Queen - Maura Soden
Sandra Good - Jessalyn Waldron
Manson Family Baby - Samuel DeClan Anderson
Cashier - Susie Castaneda
Neighbor - Chris Corpus
Family Member - Joseph Dowd
CHP Officer - Greg Hutto
Roman Polanski's friend - Fred Kelly
Family Member - Ricky Lewis Jr.
Prisoner - Lorelei Llee
Family Member - Adrian Morales
Manson's Public Defender - Christian Reeve
Clem Watkins - Frank Zieger