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What's the matter

Jacob Kell... time for redemption. The game isn't over yet. What's the matter? "Don't you...

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Connor MacLeod:
[his voice coming through Duncan]
Jacob Kell... time for redemption. The game isn't over yet.
[his face quickly, almost ghost-like, appears over Duncan's - Kell looks disturbed]

Connor MacLeod:
What's the matter? "Don't you want to be inside me?"
[Connor's face once again briefly flashes in front of Duncan's]

Connor MacLeod:
In the end...
Duncan MacLeod:
[returning to his own voice]
There can be... only one.
[takes Kell's head]

Duncan MacLeod:
And you're not it.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.128
Connor Time for redemption
00:00:06.207 --> 00:00:08.869
The game isn't over yet
00:00:10.344 --> 00:00:11.436
Connor What's the matter
00:00:11.512 --> 00:00:14.949
Don't you want to be inside me
00:00:17.786 --> 00:00:18.945
Connor's Voice In the end
00:00:19.998 --> 00:00:21.887
Duncan's Voice there can be only one
00:00:32.087 --> 00:00:34.564
Connor's Voice And you're not it

Clip duration: 36 seconds
Views: 282
Timestamp in movie: 01h 29m 47s
Uploaded: 05 December, 2022
Genres: action, fantasy
Summary: Immortals Connor and Duncan Macleod join forces against a man from Connor's distant past in the highlands of Scotland, Kell, an immensely powerful immortal who leads an army of equally powerful and deadly immortal swordsmen and assassins. No immortal alive has been able to defeat Kell yet, and neither Connor nor Duncan are skilled enough themselves to take him on and live. The two of them eventually come to one inevitable conclusion; one of them must die so that the combined power of both the Highlanders can bring down Kell for good. There can be only one... the question is, who will it be?


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Connor MacLeod - Christopher Lambert
Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul