Holy Hell

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Holy Hell is the over-the-top, outrageous, sexually-deviant, blood-drenched story of Father Augustus Bane: a priest pushed too far who begins praying to a revolver and hunting down the gangsters who killed his parishioners. In the vein of recent alternative horror/comedies like "Machete" and "Hobo with a Shotgun", HOLY HELL is a modern take on 60's and 70's B-Movie and Exploitation film tropes. The goal of this feature length movie is to break through every limit set by film, taste and reasonable societal behavior: all with anarchic glee.

Director: Ryan LaPlante
Writer: Ryan LaPlante
Production: Indican Pictures
Year: 2015
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.0
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 27 Aug 2015
Awards: 13 wins & 29 nominations.

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Movie Cast

Father Augustus Bane - Ryan LaPlante
Amy Bonner - Alysa King
Dokes MacFarlane - Michael Rawley
Officer Blank - Luke Laplante
Sissy MacFarlane - Shane Patrick McClurg
Trisha MacFarlane - Rachel Ann Little
Buddy MacFarlane - Reece Presley
El Diablo - Austin Schaefer
Dokes Bodyguard 2 - Macklemoore Aka Vintage
Additional Voices - Ryan Armstrong
Sick Couple - Cameron Bailey
He / She Army - A.A. Balance
Muscleshirt Crew - Antonio Bandhairaz
Bum on Stairs - Kyle C. Barker
Muscleshirt Crew - Jessie Benture
Dokes Bodyguard 1 - 'Gorgeous' Bjorn
Mugger Douchebag - Ryan Bommarito
Buddy's Bodyguard - Ergnest Borgspine
Masked Rapist - Rob Bril
Helga the He / She - Max Brunke
Midget in Disguise - Cazzy
Homeless Dick - George Clooneye
Nurse - Tay Coupland
Skully McDuggan - Daniel Cragg
He / She Army - Danielle Day-Lewis
Filthy Hooker - Zooey Deschansmell
Additional Voice - Wayne Desormeaux
He / She Nurse - J.J. 'Gametime' Dorval
Sandra Bonner - Roberta Downey Jr.
Party-Girl - Alex Dwyer
Queen Bee - Carol Dwyer
Ogler - John Dwyer
Detective White - Michael Dwyer
The Band - Shaun Dwyer
Party-Girl - Nicole Dwyer-Hyma
Hopped Up He / She - James Frankoff
He / She Nurse - Judy Garlind
Blowjob Dude - Vin Gignac
Lead Singer - Bambi Glittershock
Hopped Up He / She - Susan Goochi
Hopped Up He / She - Bryan Gozling
Baby Bonner - Chris Hensworth
Doctor Pooner - Tyler Hewitt
Marcus Hoffman - Kyle Hillman
BJ Skank - Paris Hiltom
Handsome Doctor - Christopher Hoeft
Partyboy Victim - Michael Holland
Buddy's Bodyguard - David Humphries
Sissy's Bodyguard - Minas Kotsopoulos
Italian Mike - Ronnie LaLonde
Go-Go-Haruki - Avril LaPeen
Ronald Bonner - Noel LaPlante
He / She Army - Yennifer Lawrence
Drag Queen - Craig Little
BJ Skank - Lindsay Lohands
Herself - Lovetoy
The Band - Alex MacDonald
Sissy Bodyguard - Steve Major
Schoolteacher - Shauna McGill
Herself - Meowth McGrowl
Sick Couple - Shylo McPhee
Cokehead - Nick Obrien
He / She Army - Nicolette Pearse
The Band - Brad Pitz
Murder Groupie - Erin Polatynski
Filthier Hooker - Jaime Polatynski
Blowjob Dudette - Juliet Roburts
He / She Army - Patrik Stewheart
Dougie Bonner - Clyde Taurus
Murder Groupie - Jessica Taylor
Greaser - Rebecca Triumph
Dominatrix - Tzing
Greaser - Brooke Wabie
Himself - Weasel
Lady of the Evening - Julie Weisflock
Dirty Minded Guy - Brian John Wilkes
Pawn Shop Guy - Jeff Wilkinson
Additional Voices - Robbie Woods
Gimp -
Muscleshirt Crew -