Birdzilla returns
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Ahhh! Birdzilla returns!

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[sees a real live Turkey for a second time]
Ahhh! Birdzilla returns!

- I'm stayin' right here. Huh? - [ Gobbling ] - [ Gobbling ] - Oh! Birdzilla returns! Hey, guys, wait up! Wait up! I'm comin'! Don't let him eat me! Oh!

Clip duration: 11 seconds
Views: 261
Timestamp in movie: 00:00:00
Uploaded: 12 December, 2020
Genres: adventure, comedy, drama, family
Summary: A fun-loving American bulldog pup, a hilarious Himalayan cat, and a wise old golden retriever embark on a long trek through the rugged wilderness of the Sierra Nevada mountains in a quest to reach home and their beloved owners.


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