I was nuts about him. Know what he did to me. First he gave me a phony name. Second, he...

How to Marry a Millionaire1953
He was already married
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Schatze Page:
I was nuts about him. Know what he did to me. First he gave me a phony name. Second, he was already married. Third, the minute the preacher said amen, he never did another tap of work. Then he stole my TV set and gave it to a car hop. When I asked him about that, he hit me with a chicken.
Pola Debevoise:
A live chicken?
Schatze Page:
No, a baked chicken; stuffed.


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What about you? Where have you been all this time?
00:00:03.064 --> 00:00:07.713
- Oh, I went back to Maine. - What do you mean, you went back to Maine?
00:00:07.088 --> 00:00:11.839
Well, to tell you the truth, l-l got married up there.
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- Not to that Shriner? - Oh, no, he was already married.
00:00:15.012 --> 00:00:17.839
That's what I thought. Who'd you marry?
00:00:18.999 --> 00:00:21.396
Well, he's not anybody in particular.
00:00:21.072 --> 00:00:27.477
Just a fella I met up there. But I'm absolutely crazy about him.
00:00:27.072 --> 00:00:31.838
How do you like that? Both of us at the same time.
00:00:32.000 --> 00:00:34.673
- What does he do? - He's a ranger.
00:00:34.092 --> 00:00:36.248
Cattle, you mean?
00:00:36.004 --> 00:00:38.631
No, he's a... Forest ranger.
00:00:38.632 --> 00:00:42.868
Well, that's not bad. If you get enough trees, they're really worth something.
00:00:42.869 --> 00:00:45.767
- How'd you meet him? - I don't mean he owns them, -
00:00:45.802 --> 00:00:48.509
he just watches them.
00:00:48.068 --> 00:00:51.003
You mean, just looks at them?
00:00:51.032 --> 00:00:55.003
He's got a house on top of a mountain. They keep a lookout for fires...
00:00:55.028 --> 00:00:56.952
so all those trees don't burn down.
00:00:57.002 --> 00:01:01.876
- How can he make any dough out of that? - He doesn't... Much.
00:01:02.999 --> 00:01:05.589
- You mean he's a kind of fireman? - That's it.

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Uploaded: 14 October, 2021
Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Summary: Three women set out to find eligible millionaires to marry, but find true love in the process.


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Schatze Page - Lauren Bacall
Pola Debevoise - Marilyn Monroe