Wait a minute I want to hear from Mr Filler-up. Just what would you estimate your fortune...

How to Marry a Millionaire1953
Might that all be in cash
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Schatze Page:
Wait a minute I want to hear from Mr Filler-up. Just what would you estimate your fortune at?
Tom Brookman:
Oh, about $200,000,000 I should imagine.
Schatze Page:
Might that all be in cash?
Tom Brookman:
I suppose I could dig up a couple of million in cash if I had to.
Schatze Page:
And what might the rest be in?
Tom Brookman:
Some oil, some airline stock, a little steel, some cattle down in Texas, a couple of coal mines in Alabama, a bit of real estate here and there, some automobile stock, the Brookman building and of course Brookman Pennsylvania.
Tom Brookman:
[addressing the short order cook]
Give me the cheque Mac
Tom Brookman:
[as he peels off a $1000 bill from a roll of notes]
Keep the change Mac
[Crashing of glass Schatze Page, Pola Debevoise and Loco Dempsey fall from their chairs at the counter in an unconscious state]

Tom Brookman:
[as the three men raise their beer glasses]
Gentlemen, to our wives


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.419
Wait a minute I want to hear from Mr Fill 'Er Up
00:00:03.503 --> 00:00:06.172
Just what you estimate your fortune at
00:00:06.255 --> 00:00:08.424
Oh about 200 million I should imagine
00:00:08.508 --> 00:00:12.001
Oh that's not enough Might that all be in cash
00:00:12.178 --> 00:00:14.806
I could probably dig up a couple million cash if I had to
00:00:14.889 --> 00:00:19.602
Oh that's wonderful What might the rest be in oil
00:00:19.685 --> 00:00:22.605
Some oil
00:00:22.688 --> 00:00:24.774
Some airline stock Good
00:00:24.857 --> 00:00:28.277
A little steel Some cattle down in Texas
00:00:28.361 --> 00:00:31.864
Couple of coal mines in Alabama Bit of real estate here and there
00:00:31.948 --> 00:00:35.118
Some automobile stocks The Brookman Building
00:00:35.201 --> 00:00:37.012
And of course Brookman Pennsylvania
00:00:37.203 --> 00:00:42.125
A whole city he owns yet Wouldn't you know that would happen to me
00:00:42.208 --> 00:00:44.127
Give me the check Mac
00:00:54.137 --> 00:00:56.722
Keep the change Mac
00:01:05.999 --> 00:01:07.733
00:01:07.999 --> 00:01:09.944
to our wives

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Uploaded: 22 November, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Summary: Three women set out to find eligible millionaires to marry, but find true love in the process.


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Schatze Page - Lauren Bacall
Tom Brookman - Cameron Mitchell