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Putz noun a yokel a jerk
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Noun - a yokel; a jerk. My rabbi consultant said it means penis. We're allowed to say...

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Putz: noun - a yokel; a jerk.
My rabbi consultant said it means penis.
We're allowed to say penis!
Yes, you can say penis, but this is the bad penis. Like 'prick'.
And... what exactly is the *good* penis?
[starts to take off his belt and unbutton his pants]
Check it out.
[snickers from ensemble of 'You Go Girl' actors]


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Putz noun a yokel a jerk
00:00:03.094 --> 00:00:06.009
Our Rabbi consultant said it means a penis
00:00:06.019 --> 00:00:07.455
We're allowed to say penis
00:00:07.054 --> 00:00:11.911
Yes you can say penis but this is the bad penis Like prick
00:00:12.997 --> 00:00:14.087
And what exactly is the good penis
00:00:15.372 --> 00:00:16.208
Check it out

Clip duration: 17 seconds
Views: 13
Timestamp in movie: 00:36:16
Uploaded: 28 March, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Summary: A mother falls for a younger man while her daughter falls in love for the first time. Mother Nature messes with their fates.


Adam - Paul Rudd