It's not that bad
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But at least I can come for dinner. He'll drive me over. How do we get there? You live out...

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Kit Austin:
But at least I can come for dinner. He'll drive me over. How do we get there? You live out in the wilderness.
It's not that bad. It's easy really. You go about 15 miles past the gas station on Elm. Then you turn right on Tomkins Street. You keep going right until you pass the railroad tracks. Then you turn left and go for about 6 miles. You come to a red barn, you pass that...
[she keeps talking but is drowned out by music]


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is someplace else.
00:00:05.865 --> 00:00:07.241
You know what I mean.
00:00:07.242 --> 00:00:09.961
Parties, the movies, even going to a friend's house
00:00:09.962 --> 00:00:13.038
for dinner, they're all someplace else.
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Give your boys a roadmap?
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It's not that bad.
00:00:16.876 --> 00:00:17.965
But when I do have a date,
00:00:17.966 --> 00:00:19.675
they have to drive all the way out here,
00:00:19.676 --> 00:00:21.635
pick me up, drive back to town
00:00:21.636 --> 00:00:23.846
and drive me all the way back here.
00:00:23.847 --> 00:00:26.311
What's the sense of making it so hard for 'em?
00:00:31.808 --> 00:00:33.006
What's the matter Lib?
00:00:33.601 --> 00:00:35.082
Oh, Daddy was supposed to fix this.
00:00:36.938 --> 00:00:38.861
He probably did, but nothing he ever fixes
00:00:38.862 --> 00:00:39.904
stays fixed.
00:00:41.109 --> 00:00:42.611
Come on Kit, help me.
00:00:44.738 --> 00:00:45.091
I wouldn't just be lonely out here,
00:00:45.911 --> 00:00:47.657
I'd be scared stiff.
00:00:54.748 --> 00:00:56.341
You wanna look around some more?
00:00:58.046 --> 00:01:00.804
There's a lot of things to see.
00:01:05.003 --> 00:01:07.598
No, let's go back.
00:01:17.729 --> 00:01:21.998
Kit, Kit, Kit!

Clip duration: 82 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00:10:25
Uploaded: 18 October, 2021
Genres: crime, horror, thriller
Summary: Teenagers Libby and Kit innocently spend an evening making random prank calls. These calls lead to murderous consequences.


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Kit Austin - Sara Lane
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