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Or we won't get presents

Head Mini-Sloth:
He must not be disturbed, or we won't get presents. You have been warned! Unleash heck!

Oh, that army.
Hasta luego.
Feliz Navidad.
But you gotta let me in.
I'm on the list!
He must not be disturbed
or we won't get presents.
You have been warned.
Unleash heck!
Bring it on,
you little fleabags!
You're no match
for the power of. . .

Clip duration: 21 seconds
Views: 11
Movie: Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas
Year: 2011
Genres: animation, short, adventure, comedy, family, fantasy
Summary: Sid, Eddie and Crash get in trouble with Santa and have to get their names off of the naughty list.

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Head Mini-Sloth - Judah Friedlander