"Jaws 3 D" quotes

Jaws 3 D poster
A giant thirty-five-foot shark becomes trapped in a SeaWorld theme park and it's up to the sons of police chief Brody to rescue everyone.

Director: Joe Alves
Writer: Peter Benchley, Richard Matheson, Carl Gottlieb
Production: N/A
Year: 1983
MetaScore: 27/100
ImdbRating: 3.7
BoxOffice: $45,517,055
Released: 22 Jul 1983
Awards: 5 nominations

20 Clips


Mike Brody - Dennis Quaid
Kathryn Morgan - Bess Armstrong
Philip FitzRoyce - Simon MacCorkindale
Calvin Bouchard - Louis Gossett Jr.
Sean Brody - John Putch
Kelly Ann Bukowski - Lea Thompson
Jack Tate - P.H. Moriarty
Ethel - Lisa Maurer
Shelby Overman - Harry Grant
Silver Bullet - Andy Hansen
Tunnel Guide - P.T. Horn
Bob Woodbury (as John Edson Jr.) - John Edson
Mrs. Kallender - Kaye Stevens
Leonard Glass (as Archie Valliere) - Rich Valliere
Sherrie - Cathy Cervenka
Suzie - Jane Horner
Sheila - Kathy Jenkins
Announcer - Steve Mellor
Paramedic - Ray Meunnich
Reporter - Les Alford
Reporter - Gary Anstaett
Screaming Skier - Debbie Connoyer
Reporter At Party - Mary Davis Duncan
Workman - John Floren
Mr. Brit - Joe Gilbert
Man in Crowd - Will Knickerbocker
Tourist Dad - Edward Laurie
Girl in Tunnel - Holly Lisker
Pirate Girl - M.J. Lloyd
Stand-off Player - Carl Mazzocone
Red - Ken Olson
Clyde - Ronnie Parks
Mr. Bluster - Al Pipkin
Anxious Tunnel Person - Barbara Quinn
Reporter - Irene Schubert
Concessionaire - Sandu Scott
Beer Belly on Beach - Tony Shepherd
Charlene Tutt - Dolores Starling
Mermaid - Roxie Stice
Shark Tour Guide - Laurie Thomas
Tourist Mom - Carol Tracy
Girl in Tunnel - Laura Tracy
Mrs. Brit - Doreen Weese
Randy - Jim Wilhelm
Reporter - Philip Ettington
Reporter - Jon Freda
Girl in Tunnel - Melody Gold
Rotunda Person - Guy Messenger
Bar Patron / Beach Spot - Kevin Tyson