Jaws: The Revenge

Jaws: The Revenge poster
After the encounter with the shark at Sea World, Sean Brody has returned to Amity. Here he has assumed his father's role, working for the police department, and is engaged to a young woman named Tiffany. His mother, Ellen, still lives in Amity as well. Mike Brody is now married to Carla and is researching conch snails with his partner, Jake, in the Bahamas. One night, while repairing a buoy in Amity harbor from the police boat, Sean is ambushed from below and killed by the Brodys' old enemy, a Great White shark. After the funeral, Ellen wants Mike to stay off the water, but he refuses, and takes Ellen back to the Caribbean with him and his wife and daughter, Thea. Ellen starts trying to enjoy life again, meeting charming pilot Hoagie after having been a widow for some time. Mike and Jake encounter the Great White shark in the water, and tag and track it for research. But the shark soon starts wreaking havoc, and comes after Thea on a banana boat ride. Now, Ellen, Mike, Jake, and ...

Director: Joseph Sargent
Writer: Peter Benchley (characters), Michael De Guzman
Production: Universal Pictures
Year: 1987
MetaScore: 15/100
ImdbRating: 3.0
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 17 Jul 1987
Awards: 1 win & 7 nominations.

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Movie Cast

Ellen Brody - Lorraine Gary
Michael Brody - Lance Guest
Carla Brody - Karen Young
Hoagie - Michael Caine
Sean Brody - Mitchell Anderson
Young Sean Brody (archive footage) - Jay Mello
Clarence - Cedric Scott
William - Charles Bowleg
Mr. Witherspoon - Melvin Van Peebles
Tiffany - Mary Smith
Mrs. Kintner - Lee Fierro
Man in the Boat (as John Griffin) - Moby Griffin
Mrs. Ferguson - Diane Hetfield
Minister (as James Martin) - James Martin Jr.
Tarkanian - David Wilson
Charles Townsend - Anthony Delaney
Houseman - Levant Carey
Additional Voices (voice) - Barbara Alston
Additional Voices (voice) - Tina Lifford
Additional Voices (voice) - Marilyn Schreffler
Additional Voices (voice) - Doris Hess
Additional Voices (voice) (as J. D. Hall) - J.D. Hall
Additional Voices (voice) - John Lafayette
Additional Voices (voice) - Dominic Hoffman
Additional Voices (voice) - Charles Bartlett
Additional Voices (voice) - David McCharen
Additional Voices (voice) - LaGloria Scott
Additional Voices (voice) - Kaleena Kiff
Additional Voices (voice) - Rocky
Additional Voices (voice) (as Eldon Ratliff) - Elden Henson
Additional Voices (voice) - Shauna McCoy
Additional Voices (voice) - Joanna Lipari
Additional Voices (voice) - Terrence Beasor
Additional Voices (voice) - Jan Rabson
Additional Voices (voice) (as Barbara Iley) - Barbara Harris
Additional Voices (voice) - Cathy Cavadini
Additional Voices (voice) (as Judi Durand) - Judi M. Durand
Additional Voices (voice) - Lillian Garrett
Additional Voices (voice) - Larry Moss
Additional Voices (voice) - Naomi Ruth Stevens
Additional Voices (voice) - Daamen J. Krall
Woman at Party - Belinda Beatty
Christmas Caroler - Robin Eddins
Beachgoer - Philip Ettington
High School Band Member - D.W. Kann
Brody (archive footage) - Roy Scheider
Beachgoer - David Seaman