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America still sets the tone for the world of sports

Jerry Maguire:
America still sets the tone for the world of sports, in Indiana I signed Clark Hodd, his only thirteen years old and is considered the best point guard in the country and last week he scored a hundred points: in a single game. I also signed Erica Sorgi, you'll see her in the next Olympics. In Seattle I signed Dallas Malloy, she's sixteen years old and her lawsuit helped paved the way for women boxers everywhere, whenever she fights she thinks about her ex-boyfriend. In Indio, California I signed Art Stallings he plays the sport with what pure joy. In Odessa, Texas I signed the great Frank Cushman this April twenty six teams will be falling all over themselves in order to sign him in the next NFL draft his my client, my most important client, believe me there's genius everywhere but until they turn pro it's like popcorn in the pan some pop, some don't

There, that's better. That's America.
America still sets
the tone for the world.
In Indiana, Clark Hodd.
The country's best point guard.
Last week he scored 100 points
in a single game.
Erica Sorgi.
You'll see her in the next Olympics.
In Seattle, Dallas Malloy, 16.
Her lawsuit paved the way
for women boxers.
She's picturing her ex-boyfriend.
In Indio, California. Art Stallings.
Check out what pure joy looks like.
In Odessa, Texas.
The great Frank Cushman.
This April, 26 teams will be falling
over themselves to sign him.
He's my most important client.
When are you gonna try
and concentrate?!
There's genius everywhere.
It's like popcorn. Some pop...
Coach, you don't know
diddly about golf!
... some don't.
I'm the guy you don't usually see.
I'm behind the scenes.
I'm the sports agent.
I'm gonna hurt you this year.
My door's always open if you
want to get a real agent.
You're welcome, Johnny.
I'll go to a meeting now to talk
about you. I'd kill for you.
- We've gotta win.
- I hail you.
Jerry, how are you doing?
- How much is this going to cost?
- We both know what you can afford.
I'll just write it down.
- I can't afford that.
- Winning isn't cheap.
You know the photos of
the new player with the owner?
That's me on the left.
This is where I work. SMI.
Sports Management International.
Thirty-three agents
guiding the careers...
... of 1685 of the most
finely tuned athletes alive.
I handle the lives and dreams...
... of 72 clients and get
264 phone calls a day.
I will not rest until
you hold a Coke... a new commercial
starring you...
...broadcast during a Super Bowl
game you're winning.
It's what I do best.
I noticed a few years ago,
and didn't say a word.
Was the girl 16 or 17?
Wanting the big dollar,
things went wrong.
There's no proof of anything.
This guy is a sensational athlete.
Are you Calvin Nack?
Can you sign my card?
I'm sorry, fella, I can't sign this.
- Only Pro-Jam Blue Dot cards.
- Just wanted an autograph.

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Movie: Jerry Maguire
Year: 1996
Genres: comedy, drama, romance, sport
Summary: When a sports agent has a moral epiphany and is fired for expressing it, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent agent with the only athlete who stays with him and his former colleague.


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