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How do you know

Jerry Maguire:
What'd you know about dating a single mother?
Rod Tidwell:
[after filming a commercial]
Plenty, I was raised by a single mother.
Jerry Maguire:
Tell me everything because after this I think she's going to have to take that job in San Diego.
Rod Tidwell:
Single mothers don't date they've been to the circus they've been to the puppet shows and they've seen the strings do you love her?
Jerry Maguire:
How do I know?
Rod Tidwell:
What'd you mean? How do you know? You know when you know.
Jerry Maguire:
I don't want her to go, we hang out at her place a lot
Rod Tidwell:
Wait a minute that's bullshit you have to be fair to her a single mother is a scared thing you've got to have the talk, she loves you, if you don't love her you've got to tell her.

First of all, single mothers
don't date. Watch yourself.
They've been to the circus.
You know what I mean?
They've been to the puppet show
and seen the strings.
- You love her?
- How do I know?
You know when you know.
I don't want her to go. I've been
hanging out at her place a lot.
That right there is bullshit!
You gotta be fair to her.
Single mothers are a sacred thing.
You gotta have the talk.
She loves you. If you don't love her,
you have got to tell her.
The kid's amazing. He...
I feel you. I feel you, dog.
But a real man wouldn't shoplift
the pootie from a single mother.
I didn't shoplift the pootie.
All right. I shoplifted the pootie.
You know, John Coltrane
once said to Miles Davis...
When you say goodbye to him, just
be cool. What's meant to be will be.
You'll see each other. I'm losing
the only person who listens to me.
- Quit making me laugh.
- You're doing the right thing.
Start your life.
Don't cushion the fall for him.
Check out Exhibit A on the front lawn.
- I'm almost sympathetic to the guy.
- Goodbye.
All right. Goodbye.

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Movie: Jerry Maguire
Year: 1996
Genres: comedy, drama, romance, sport
Summary: When a sports agent has a moral epiphany and is fired for expressing it, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent agent with the only athlete who stays with him and his former colleague.


Jerry Maguire - Tom Cruise
Rod Tidwell - Cuba Gooding Jr.