We need more people

Is the clerk going to be okay, Luther? He's beat up pretty bad, Rose. Did he resist? No...

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[first lines]

Rose Gammon:
Is the clerk going to be okay, Luther?
Luthor 'Suitcase' Simpson:
He's beat up pretty bad, Rose.
Rose Gammon:
Did he resist?
Luthor 'Suitcase' Simpson:
No sign of it.
Rose Gammon:
We need more people. Have you seen him?
Luthor 'Suitcase' Simpson:
No. You?
Rose Gammon:
Luthor 'Suitcase' Simpson:
He's not a guy who should spend a lot of time alone.
[cut to Jesse Stone]


00:00:04.795 --> 00:00:06.033
The clerk died.
00:00:09.000 --> 00:00:10.068
You need more people.
00:00:14.008 --> 00:00:16.907
The Town Council won't let me hire anyone else.
00:00:16.975 --> 00:00:18.509
00:00:18.576 --> 00:00:21.946
My sense is they're planning on bringing you back.
00:00:22.002 --> 00:00:23.714
I don't think so.
00:00:25.116 --> 00:00:27.251
Something will pop up.
00:00:27.318 --> 00:00:29.387
It doesn't always happen that way, Suit.
00:00:32.069 --> 00:00:36.794
Just in case. That's just between you and me.

Clip duration: 38 seconds
Views: 105
Timestamp in movie: 00h 18m 39s
Uploaded: 22 October, 2021
Genres: crime, drama
Summary: Police Chief Jesse Stone's suspended in Paradise. He helps a friend as "temp" with a serial killer in Boston. He gets his first cellphone to avoid calls from his ex. Paradise PD's way over its head with a convenience store robbery/murder.


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Rose Gammon - Kathy Baker