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Good evening
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Good afternoon, Mr. Wick. It's been a long time. I'd like a tasting. I know of your past...

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Good afternoon, Mr. Wick. It's been a long time.
John Wick:
I'd like a tasting.
I know of your past fondness for the German varietals, but I can wholeheartedly endorse the new breed of Austrians. Glock .34 and .26. Recontoured grips. Flared magwell for easier reloads. And I know you'll appreciate the custom porting. What's next?
John Wick:
I need something robust. Precise.
"Robust. Precise." AR-15, 11.5-inch. Compensated with an ion-bonded bolt carrier. Trijicon accupoint with 1-6 magnification.
John Wick:
Could you recommend anything for the end of the night? Something big, bold.
May I suggest the Benelli M4? Custom bolt carrier release and charging handle. Textured grips, should your hands get... wet. An Italian classic.
John Wick:
Dessert. The finest cutlery. All freshly stoned. Shall I have everything sent to your room?
John Wick:
Yes. Thank you.
Excellent. Mr. Wick? Do enjoy your party.


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Good evening
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Are you enjoying the party

Clip duration: 6 seconds
Views: 664
Timestamp in movie: 00h 45m 53s
Uploaded: 19 March, 2022
Genres: action, crime, thriller
Summary: After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.


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