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In the pursuit of self-discovery and authentic experiences, the Israeli backpacker, Yossi Ghinsberg, meets a cryptic Austrian geologist in La Paz, Bolivia, and captivated by his engrossing stories of lost tribes, uncharted adventures and even gold, decides to follow him, circa 1981. Without delay and accompanied by the good friends, Kevin, an American photographer, and Marcus, a Swiss teacher, they join an expedition led by their seasoned trail-leader, deep into the emerald and impenetrable Amazonian rainforest. However, as the endless and inhospitable jungle separates the inexperienced team, before long, Yossi will find himself stranded in the depths of a nightmarish environment crawling with formidable and tireless adversaries. How can one escape this green maze?

Director: Greg McLean
Writer: Yossi Ghinsberg (book), Justin Monjo (screenplay)
Production: Screen Australia
Year: 2017
MetaScore: 48/100
ImdbRating: 6.7
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 20 Oct 2017
Awards: 2 wins & 5 nominations.

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Yossi Ghinsberg - Daniel Radcliffe
Marcus - Joel Jackson
Moni Ghinsberg - Jacek Koman
Stela Ghinsberg - Angie Milliken
Uncle Nissim - John Bluthal
Truck Driver - Rodrigo Marulanda
Boat Skipper - Elias Granado
Bolivian Little Man - Brandon Membreno
Don Jorge - Lucho Velasco
Don Jorge's Wife - Obeida Benavidez
Black Jack - Joey Vieira
Casino Fantasy Girl - Natasha Pruchniewicz
Casino Fantasy Girl #2 - Kirra Gaskell
Casino Fantasy Girl #3 - Cassandra Robinson
Nun (Rurrenabaque) - Ioulia Pakhomova
Captain Armando - Nelson Camayo
Bolivian Pilot - Adrian Javier Perez
Smiling Restaurant Girl - Claire Jones
Young Girl with Flower - Sara Ocampo
Young Man on Bus - Henry Orozco
Bolivian - Paris Moletti
Kevin Gale - Alex Russell