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Huge advancements in scientific technology have enabled a mogul to create an island full of living dinosaurs. John Hammond has invited four individuals, along with his two grandchildren, to join him at Jurassic Park. But will everything go according to plan? A park employee attempts to steal dinosaur embryos, critical security systems are shut down and it now becomes a race for survival with dinosaurs roaming freely over the island.

Director: Steven Spielberg
Writer: Michael Crichton (novel), Michael Crichton (screenplay), David Koepp (screenplay)
Production: Universal Pictures
Year: 1993
MetaScore: 68/100
ImdbRating: 8.1
BoxOffice: $45,299,680
Released: 11 Jun 1993
Awards: Won 3 Oscars. Another 39 wins & 27 nominations.

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12 Clips & Quotes


Grant - Sam Neill
Ellie - Laura Dern
Malcolm - Jeff Goldblum
Muldoon - Bob Peck
Gennaro - Martin Ferrero
Wu - BD Wong
Nedry - Wayne Knight
Harding (as Jerry Molen) - Gerald R. Molen
Rostagno - Miguel Sandoval
Dodgson - Cameron Thor
Volunteer Boy - Whit Hertford
Worker in Raptor Pen - Jophery C. Brown
Helicopter Pilot - Tom Mishler
'Mr. D.N.A.' Voice (voice) - Greg Burson
Worker at Amber Mine - Adrian Escober
Jurassic Park Tour Voice - Richard Kiley
Lab Technician - Brad M. Bucklin
Archeologist - Laura Burnett
Customer at San Jose restaurant - Michael Lantieri
Miner - Dug Out Mosquito - Gary Rodriguez
Control Room technician - Lata Ryan
Driver of Grant, Sattler & Malcolm's Jeep - Brian Smrz
Raptor #1 - Rip Lee Walker
InGen Helicopter Pilot - Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc