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In an alternate universe, very different versions of DC's Trinity (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman), who operate outside of the law, are framed for murders of prominent scientist and the government decides to take them out.

Director: Sam Liu
Writer: Alan Burnett (story), Bruce Timm (story), Alan Burnett (screenplay), Bob Kane (character created by: Batman), William Moulton Marston (character created by: Wonder Woman), Jerry Siegel (character created by: Superman), Joe Shuster (character created by: Superman), John Ostrander (character created by: Amanda Waller), John Byrne (character created by: Amanda Waller), Marv Wolfman (character created by: Emil Hamilton), Jerry Ordway (character created by: Emil Hamilton), Louise Simonson (character created by: John Henry Irons), Jon Bogdanove (character created by: John Henry Irons), Bob Rozakis (character created by: Karen Beecher), Jose Delbo (character created by: Karen Beecher), Neal Adams (character created by: Kirk Langstrom), Jack Kirby (characters created by: New Gods), Gardner Fox (character created by: Ray Palmer), Marv Wolfman (character created by: Silas Stone), George Pérez (character created by: Silas Stone)
Year: 2015
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.0
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 28 Jul 2015
Awards: N/A

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Superman - Benjamin Bratt
Wonder Woman - Tamara Taylor
Lois Lane (voice) - Paget Brewster
Will Magnus - C. Thomas Howell
Lex Luthor (voice) - Jason Isaacs
Ray Palmer / Tin (voice) - Dee Bradley Baker
Ryan Choi / Stephen Shin (voice) - Eric Bauza
Pete Ross (voice) - Larry Cedar
Highfather - Richard Chamberlain
Emil Hamilton - Trevor Devall
Pat Dugan (voice) - Dan Gilvezan
Tina / Platinum (voice) - Grey Griffin
Dr. Sivana (voice) - Daniel Hagen
President Waller (voice) - Penny Johnson Jerald
Orion (voice) - Josh Keaton
Michael Holt / Bronze Tiger (voice) - Arif S. Kinchen
Jor-El / Jimmy Olsen (voice) - Yuri Lowenthal
Silas Stone (voice) - Carl Lumbly
Victor Fries (voice) - Jim Meskimen
Victor Stone (voice) (as Taylor Parks) - Tayla Parx
John Henry Irons / Granny Goodness / Mugger (voice) - Khary Payton
Steve Trevor (voice) - Tahmoh Penikett
Jean Palmer (voice) - Andrea Romano
Cop / Mr. Guerra (voice) - André Sogliuzzo
General Zod / Darkseid (voice) - Bruce Thomas
Lara Lor-Van (voice) - Lauren Tom
Tough Guy (voice) - Marcelo Tubert
Karen Beecher / Livewire (voice) - Kari Wahlgren
Blockbuster (voice) - Bruce Timm