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What sort of thing? I don't care. Anything, I just wanna hear you. Hey, that's pretty...

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[King asks Marlowe to say something in Malay]

Peter Marlowe:
What sort of thing?
Cpl. King:
I don't care. Anything, I just wanna hear you.
[Marlowe says a sentence in Malay]

Cpl. King:
Hey, that's pretty good. You hear that, Max?
[to Marlowe]

Cpl. King:
What's that mean?
Peter Marlowe:
Well, it doesn't really have a literal translation. But, uh, roughly speaking, it means, "When do I have to kiss thee on the ass?"
[all the other prisoners in the barracks turn and look]

Cpl. King:
After the egg. Never before meals.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:04.128
What sort of thing Anything l just want to hear you
00:00:11.277 --> 00:00:13.973
That's pretty good You hear that Max
00:00:14.747 --> 00:00:16.578
What's that mean
00:00:16.749 --> 00:00:19.718
lt doesn't really have a literal translation
00:00:19.886 --> 00:00:21.581
But roughly it means
00:00:21.754 --> 00:00:24.746
''When do l have to kiss thee on the ass ''
00:00:34.002 --> 00:00:38.534
After the egg never before meals

Clip duration: 41 seconds
Views: 85
Timestamp in movie: 00h 16m 07s
Uploaded: 20 November, 2022
Genres: drama, war
Summary: Fast-talking wheeler-dealer Corporal King is stuck in a Malaysian P.O.W. camp during World War II and uses bribery and larceny to take de-facto control of the camp.


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