A new recruit

A new recruit? Yes. I-I'm Green Lantern. I just couldn't stand it at the other school. I...

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Principal Taller:
[greeting Green Lantern]
A new recruit?
Green Lantern:
Yes. I-I'm Green Lantern. I just couldn't stand it at the other school. I hope it's okay that I came over?
Principal Taller:
Of course, my dear. The more the merrier. Let me introduce to our foreign exchange student, Backlash. Backlash, this is Green Lantern.
[turns around]
Oh, uh, hello.
[simultaneously; watching from her Bat-cave with the other girls]
She looks really familiar.
Green Lantern:
Hi. It's nice to meet you.
[holds her hand out]

You too.
[takes her hand, but she squeezes it too hard]

Green Lantern:
Ow! Quite a grip you have there.
Oh, sorry. I learned it in weight-lifting.
[Batgirl's computer recognizes her as...]

Lashina! That's why she looked familiar.
Lashina? Really? Wow, she should totally wear her hair like that all the time. It looks really great.
It really does.
Wonder Woman:
Really frames her face.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.234
A new recruit
00:00:02.236 --> 00:00:04.503
Yes I I'm Green Lantern
00:00:04.505 --> 00:00:07.172
I just couldn't stand it at the other school
00:00:07.174 --> 00:00:08.841
I hope it's okay if I came over
00:00:08.843 --> 00:00:11.001
Of course my dear The more the merrier
00:00:11.999 --> 00:00:14.213
Let me introduce you to our foreign exchange student Backlash
00:00:14.215 --> 00:00:16.451
Backlash this is Green Lantern
00:00:18.853 --> 00:00:20.451
She looks really familiar
00:00:20.453 --> 00:00:23.999
Hi it's nice to meet you You too
00:00:23.657 --> 00:00:25.224
00:00:25.226 --> 00:00:26.758
Quite a grip you have there
00:00:26.076 --> 00:00:29.064
Oh sorry I learned it in weightlifting
00:00:32.466 --> 00:00:35.735
Lashina That's why she looked familiar
00:00:35.737 --> 00:00:37.703
Lashina really
00:00:37.705 --> 00:00:41.999
Wow She should totally wear her hair like that all the time
00:00:41.002 --> 00:00:42.608
It looks really great
00:00:42.061 --> 00:00:43.708
It really does
00:00:43.071 --> 00:00:45.276
Really frames her face

Clip duration: 53 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 29m 51s
Uploaded: 23 November, 2022
Genres: animation, action, family
Summary: After a mysterious school opens across the street, the students of Super Hero High find themselves up against a new threat. Now, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl and the rest of the DC Super Hero Girls not only have to worry about the well-being of their grades, but the safety and security of friends, family and the rest of civilization. The girls must figure out how to put a stop to this evil, new cross-town rival and save the world once again


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