One time she came out of the house for a ride
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And this chicken is the Miss America of the 80s? No, Jimmy. You are. Here he is, Miss...

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And this chicken is the Miss America of the 80s?
No, Jimmy. You are.

Here he is, Miss America...
No. I think Margaret is Miss America.
I think it's Jimmy.
You just say that because you're gay
Designer's Assistant:
Oh, he's not gay all the time!
I seriously think Jimmy is the new Miss America. He has all the mannerisms of a sex symbol.
That's what we should call this! Make it a series. "The two Miss Americas."
Great idea! And we could end it with the two of them fucking!
He can't fuck.
I can too fuck. I just can't fuck you.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.001
One time she came out of the house for a ride
00:00:03.001 --> 00:00:05.002
And she was OK she was cool she was great
00:00:06.001 --> 00:00:08.077
So she went out with this guy this really straight guy
00:00:08.087 --> 00:00:10.087
they went to this really fancy restaurant
00:00:11.007 --> 00:00:13.017
You know best in town Right
00:00:13.078 --> 00:00:15.078
She was doing fine
00:00:15.098 --> 00:00:17.098
And all of a sudden man
00:00:18.018 --> 00:00:19.088
she stood up on the balcony
00:00:20.098 --> 00:00:22.098
She could be right up on the balcony man and
00:00:22.098 --> 00:00:25.089
she pulled up her skirt and she looked at all the people and she said
00:00:26.039 --> 00:00:31.069
I'm Jesus Christ man And I baptize you in the name of the son the father and the holly ghost
00:00:31.079 --> 00:00:33.007
and she pissed on every body

Clip duration: 35 seconds
Views: 26
Timestamp in movie: 00:30:43
Uploaded: 05 April, 2022
Genres: sci-fi, thriller
Summary: A small, heroin seeking UFO lands on a Manhattan roof, observes a bizarre, drug addicted fashion model and sucks endorphin from her sexual encounters' brains.


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Designer - Nina V. Kerova
Photographer - Alan Preston
Margaret - Anne Carlisle