I didn't tell 'em
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I lost. I didn't tell 'em, get it? You let yourself lose? Yeah, I'm a loser. I didn't mean...

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I lost. I didn't tell 'em, get it?
You let yourself lose?
Yeah, I'm a loser.
I didn't mean that. Let's give it another shot, huh, Angel?
We started in the middle. We never even had a beginning.
We could try. We don't even have to see each other if you don't want.

We should talk or something.
[but she shakes her head]

Why not?
'Cause it wouldn't... wouldn't be enough. For either of us.
[they share farewell kiss]

I'll never forget you. Ever.


00:00:00.868 --> 00:00:03.000
I lost.
00:00:03.000 --> 00:00:05.998
I didn't tell them. Get it?
00:00:07.657 --> 00:00:09.877
You--you let yourself lose?
00:00:11.792 --> 00:00:13.185
Yeah, I'm a loser.
00:00:27.242 --> 00:00:28.983
No, you're not.
00:00:31.986 --> 00:00:35.555
Let's give it another shot, huh, Angel?
00:00:37.999 --> 00:00:39.095
It's too late.
00:00:39.095 --> 00:00:41.387
We started in the middle.
00:00:41.387 --> 00:00:43.693
We never even had a beginning.
00:00:46.609 --> 00:00:48.176
We could try.
00:00:51.701 --> 00:00:53.181
We won't even have to see each other
00:00:53.181 --> 00:00:56.997
if you don't want. Just to talk or something.
00:00:59.143 --> 00:01:01.363
Why not?
00:01:03.974 --> 00:01:08.999
Because it wouldn't be enough...

Clip duration: 69 seconds
Views: 63
Timestamp in movie: 01:21:44
Uploaded: 21 September, 2021
Genres: comedy, drama
Summary: Two fifteen year-old girls from different sides of the tracks compete to see who will be the first to lose their virginity while at a summer camp.


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