Can we talk? Yeah, why not? We're lovers now, right? I thought you were a nice person....

Little Darlings1980
We're lovers now
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Can we talk?
Yeah, why not? We're lovers now, right? I thought you were a nice person. Sensitive. Just a little goddamn fraud. You owe me an explanation. Talk to me, Ferris.
I wanted the girls to like me. I wanted to be in just once. I didn't want to be the rich kid.
So you made up some ridiculous story that we've been getting it on together?
No, no, not exactly. I tried to tell them the truth.
You didn't try hard enough.
Please, Mr. Callahan...
No "Mr. Callahan." We have been intimate, right?
Sort of. I mean, I wish we could have been. I told them things that I wanted to be. It didn't feel like a lie. Sometimes I thought it might really happen. I suppose you don't think much of me now.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.484
Could we talk please
00:00:02.578 --> 00:00:05.018
Why not We're lovers now right
00:00:07.719 --> 00:00:09.862
I thought you were a nice person
00:00:11.244 --> 00:00:12.416
00:00:14.552 --> 00:00:16.713
Just a little goddamn trollop
00:00:19.677 --> 00:00:21.933
You owe me an explanation
00:00:24.794 --> 00:00:26.661
Talk to me Ferris
00:00:31.583 --> 00:00:33.739
I wanted the girls to like me
00:00:35.504 --> 00:00:37.363
I wanted to be in just once
00:00:37.402 --> 00:00:39.023
I didn't want to be the rich kid
00:00:39.318 --> 00:00:42.623
So you made up some stupid story that you and I had been getting it on together
00:00:42.686 --> 00:00:45.763
No no Not exactly I tried to tell the truth
00:00:45.849 --> 00:00:47.553
You didn't try hard enough
00:00:47.649 --> 00:00:50.029
Please Mr Callahan Don't Mr Callahan me
00:00:50.414 --> 00:00:52.274
We've been intimate now
00:00:53.166 --> 00:00:54.035
00:00:54.492 --> 00:00:55.786
Sort of
00:00:57.158 --> 00:00:58.441
I mean

Clip duration: 62 seconds
Views: 94
Timestamp in movie: 01h 18m 40s
Uploaded: 24 November, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama
Summary: Two fifteen year-old girls from different sides of the tracks compete to see who will be the first to lose their virginity while at a summer camp.


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Ferris - Tatum O'Neal