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It's sure gonna be a beautiful day

Good morning, boss! Good morning. It's sure gonna be a beautiful day, isn't it? Yes sir, a...

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Baron Samedi:
[Passing through the San Monique cemetery where nightly voodoo rituals are held, Bond and Solitaire find Baron Samendi playing his flute. Noticing the pair, he beams a welcoming smile at them]
Good morning, boss!
James Bond:
Good morning.
Baron Samedi:
It's sure gonna be a beautiful day, isn't it?
[laughs menacingly]

Baron Samedi:
Yes sir, a *beautiful* day.
[as Solitaire and Bond move along, Samendi opens his flute - revealing it to be a communications device]

Baron Samedi:
They're heading for the hill.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.251
Good morning boss Good morning
00:00:03.336 --> 00:00:05.921
It's sure gonna be a beautiful day
00:00:08.174 --> 00:00:10.717
Yes sir a beautiful day
00:00:22.647 --> 00:00:24.648
They're heading for the hill

Clip duration: 33 seconds
Views: 438
Timestamp in movie: 00h 55m 47s
Uploaded: 22 November, 2022
Genres: action, adventure, thriller
Summary: James Bond is sent to stop a diabolically brilliant heroin magnate armed with a complex organisation and a reliable psychic tarot card reader.


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Baron Samedi - Geoffrey Holder
James Bond - Roger Moore