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Wait a sec. You're telling me we're sleeping in one room? With one bed? I've asked them to...

Lolita 1997
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Wait a sec. You're telling me we're sleeping in one room? With one bed?
I've asked them to bring up a cot, which I'll use if you like.
You're crazy.
Why, my darling?
Because, my darrr-ling, when my darrr-ling mother finds out she'll divorce you and strangle me.
Lo, listen a moment. For all intents and purposes I am your father and I am responsible for your welfare. We are not rich, so when we travel, we shall be - we shall uh... we shall be thrown together a great deal. And two people who enter into a cohabitation inevitably lead into a kind of...
The word is "incest".

Wait a sec. You mean we're sleeping in one room? With one bed? I've asked them to send up a cot,... ..which I'll use, if you like. You're crazy. Why, my darling? Because, my darling,... ..when my darling mother finds out, she'll divorce you and strangle me. Lo,... ..listen to me a moment. For all practical purposes, I am your father,... ..and I'm responsible for your welfare. Now, we're not rich. So when we travel, we-we're sure to be... I mean, we'll be thrown together. Sometimes. Two people sharing the same hotel room... ..are bound to... enter into a... How can I put it? Into a kind of um... The word is "incest". I feel like we're grown-ups. Me too. We get to do whatever we want, right? Whatever we want. Well, now. Who had the pie? Me. Whaddaya think? Are they me? - Don't look now. - Why? The guy over in the corner. Don't look! He was staring at us. Don't you think that guy looks exactly like Quilty?

Clip duration: 114 seconds
Views: 500
Timestamp in movie: 00:00:00
Uploaded: 12 December, 2020
Genres: drama, romance
Summary: An English professor falls for a minor, and has to face the consequences of his actions.


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