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Journalist Fred Flarsky reunites with his childhood crush, Charlotte Field, now one of the most influential women in the world. As she prepares to make a run for the Presidency, Charlotte hires Fred as her speechwriter — much to the dismay of her trusted advisers.

Director: Jonathan Levine
Writer: Dan Sterling, Liz Hannah
Production: N/A
Genre: comedy, romance
Year: 2019
MetaScore: 67/100
ImdbRating: 6.8
BoxOffice: $30,316,271
Released: 03 May 2019
Awards: 5 wins & 13 nominations

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Charlotte Field - Charlize Theron
Fred Flarsky - Seth Rogen
Maggie Millikin - June Diane Raphael
President Chambers - Bob Odenkirk
Parker Wembley - Andy Serkis
Prime Minister James Steward - Alexander Skarsgård
Bharath - Aladeen Tawfeek
Nathan Morris - Nathan Morris
Wanya Morris - Wanya Morris
Shawn Stockman - Shawn Stockman
Katarina Prudence Wembley - Isla Dowling
Young Charlotte - Aviva Mongillo
Young Fred - Braxton Herda
Alt-Right Leader - Anton Koval
CNS News Anchor - Marcel Jeannin
Katherine - Lisa Kudrow
Wembley News Anchor #1 - Kurt Braunohler
Wembley News Anchor #2 - Paul Scheer
Wembley News Anchor #3 - Claudia O'Doherty
Movement Coach - Marc Rowland
Boyfriend - James Hicks
Commander - John Robinson
Anchor on Tarmac - Aalia Adam
BCNMS News Anchor - Lucy Van Oldenbarneveld
French TV Reporter - Julie Roussel
LT. Gary Smith - Daniel Rindress-Kay
Indian Prime Minister - Ivan Smith
Aryan Grande - Sean Tucker
Alt-Right Guy #2 - Brett Watson
Bodega DSS Agent - Victor Cornfoot
Swedish Man - Mairtin O'Carrigan
Paris News Anchor (as Anne Day Jones) - Anne Day-Jones
Royal Crier - Arthur Holden
Little Girl on TV - Kara Raposo
Lil Yachty - Lil Yachty
TV General - Frank Schorpion
Reporter Outside Library - Natasha Gargiulo
Bartender - Johnny Cortes
Secretary of State Staffer - Holden Wong
Prime Minister's Wife - Li Li
Diplomat - Alain Gendreau
US Senator - Yves Fortin
Staffer - Hiba Magrabi
Dancer - Angel Azmeer
Alt Right Member - Philippe Bourret
Juggalo - Chris Cavener
Chinese President Wu - George Chiang
Air Force 2 Staff - Eric Clark
MSNBC Anchor - Hamza Haq
Wembly's Assistant - Scott Humphrey
Air Force Staff - David LeBlanc
G7 UK Politician - Serge Martineau
White House Staff - Garett Pringle
Minister Kishido - James Saito
Mrs. Lin - Xiao Sun
Swedish Delegate - Nathaly Thibault
Douchebag Speechwriter - Jonathan Vanderzon