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I'm very trainable

Parkinson's, right? Oh, no. No. No, your wife. Girlfriend. Stage One. Good days and bad...

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California Man:
Parkinson's, right?
Jamie Randall:
Oh, no. No.
California Man:
No, your wife.
Jamie Randall:
Girlfriend. Stage One.
California Man:
Good days and bad days, huh?
Jamie Randall:
Mostly good days. You?
California Man:
Wife. Since '73. Stage Four.
Jamie Randall:
You got any advice?
California Man:
You don't need my advice.
Jamie Randall:
Come on. I'm very trainable.
California Man:
My advice is to go upstairs, pack your bags, and leave a nice note. Find yourself a healthy woman. I love my wife. I do. But I wouldn't do it over again. The thing nobody tells you, this disease will steal everything you love in her. Her body, her smile, her mind. Sooner or later, she'll lose motor control. Eventually, she won't even be able to dress herself. Then, the fun really begins. Cleaning up her shit. Frozen face. Dementia. It's not a disease, it's a Russian novel.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.661
Parkinson's right
00:00:03.502 --> 00:00:04.662
Oh no No
00:00:04.737 --> 00:00:06.068
No your wife
00:00:06.505 --> 00:00:08.336
00:00:10.342 --> 00:00:11.502
Stage One
00:00:11.744 --> 00:00:13.507
Good days and bad days huh
00:00:14.013 --> 00:00:15.503
Mostly good days
00:00:16.415 --> 00:00:17.404
00:00:17.583 --> 00:00:19.414
Wife Since '73
00:00:20.186 --> 00:00:21.517
Stage Four
00:00:22.254 --> 00:00:23.846
You got any advice
00:00:24.999 --> 00:00:26.683
You don't need my advice Come on I'm very trainable
00:00:29.195 --> 00:00:32.392
My advice is to go upstairs pack your bags and leave a nice note
00:00:32.464 --> 00:00:34.193
Find yourself a healthy woman
00:00:36.535 --> 00:00:40.699
I love my wife I do But I wouldn't do it over again
00:00:42.708 --> 00:00:44.539
The thing nobody tells you
00:00:44.061 --> 00:00:47.636
this disease will steal everything you love in her
00:00:47.713 --> 00:00:49.271
Her body her smile her mind
00:00:50.883 --> 00:00:53.215
Sooner or later she'll lose motor control
00:00:54.022 --> 00:00:57.997
Eventually she won't even be able to dress herself
00:00:57.122 --> 00:01:00.455
Then the fun really begins Cleaning up her shit
00:01:00.893 --> 00:01:03.225
Frozen face Dementia
00:01:05.999 --> 00:01:07.131
It's not a disease it's a Russian novel

Clip duration: 69 seconds
Views: 247
Timestamp in movie: 01h 17m 37s
Uploaded: 20 November, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Summary: In 1990s Pittsburgh, a medicine peddler starts a relationship with a young woman suffering from Parkinson's disease.


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California Man - Peter Friedman
Jamie Randall - Jake Gyllenhaal