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In Colombia just after the Great War, an old man falls from a ladder; dying, he professes great love for his wife. After the funeral, a man calls on the widow - she dismisses him angrily. Flash back more than 50 years to the day Florentino Ariza, a telegraph boy, falls in love with Fermina Daza, the daughter of a mule trader. Ariza is persistent, writing her constantly, serenading, speaking poetically of love. Her father tries to keep them apart, and then, one day, she sees this love as an illusion. She's soon married to Urbino, a cultured physician, and for years, Ariza carries a torch, finding solace in the arms of women, loving none. After Urbino's fall, are Ariza's hopes delusional?

Director: Mike Newell
Writer: Ronald Harwood (screenplay), Gabriel García Márquez (novel)
Production: Stone Village Productions, New Line Cinema
Genre: drama, romance
Year: 2007
MetaScore: 43/100
ImdbRating: 6.4
BoxOffice: $4,607,608
Released: 16 Nov 2007
Awards: Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Another 3 nominations.

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Dr. Juvenal Urbino - Benjamin Bratt
Digna Pardo - Gina Bernard Forbes
Fermina Urbino - Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Florentino Ariza - Javier Bardem
America Vicuña - Marcela Mar
Marco Aurelio - 40's - Juan Ángel
Marco Aurelio's Wife - Liliana Gonzalez
Ofelia Urbino - 40's - Catalina Botero
Ofelia's Husband - Miguel Angel Pazos Galindo
Urbino's Sweet Wife - Maria Cecilia Herrera
Urbino Urbino - Luis Fernando Hoyos
Mourner - Carlos Duplat
Florentino - Teen - Unax Ugalde
Lotario Thugut - Liev Schreiber
Lorenzo Daza - John Leguizamo
Escolástica - Alicia Borrachero
Tránsito Ariza - Fernanda Montenegro
Mother Superior - Dora Cadavid
Gala Placidia - María Eugenia Arboleda
Lotario Whore - Denis Mercado Moreno
Ricardo Lighthouse - Jhon Álex Toro
Sweet Seller - Julián Díaz
Belgian Photographer - Manuel Sarmiento
Don Leo's Clerk - Fernando Cajales
Don Leo - Hector Elizondo
First Mate's Voice - Luis Adolfo Tamara Cardona
Captain's Voice - Rafael Vergara
Rosalba - Rubria Negrao
The Sailor - Ivan Diaz Pombo
Attractive Woman - Noëlle Schönwald
Attractive Woman - Paola Turbay
Widow Nazaret - Angie Cepeda
Trolley Skinny Girl - Maria Alejandra Fuentes Atencia
Thin Black Woman - Eliris Sierra Gomez
Handsome Youth - Andrés Castañeda
Baptism Priest - Nicolas Bolaño Villamil
Marco Aurelio - Newborn - Samuel Aguilar
Doña Blanca - Alejandra Borrero
Grand Lady - Patricia Castañeda
Grand Lady - Rita Bendek
Grand Lady - Rosario Jaramillo
Grand Lady Daughter - Carolina Cuervo
Sara Noriega - Laura Harring
Wing Wu Peng - Alfonso Wong Mah
Olimpia Zuleta - Ana Claudia Talancón
Governess - Margálida Castro
Woman with Transito - Ena Ortega de Insignares
Old Nurse - Marina Chirolla
Boy with Cage - Miguel Canal
City Mayor - Salvatore Basile
Andrea Varón - Adriana Cantor
Dr. Barbara Lynch - Indhira Serrano
La Boheme Singer Female - Nohemi Millan
La Boheme Singer Male - Isaac Jos Ricardo Aldana
Hudson's Driver - Luis Alberto Moreno Ruiz
Florentino's Clerk - Juan Antonio Restom Bitar
Captain Samaritano - Andrés Parra
Young Arrested Aristocrat #1 - Esteban Garcia Garzon
Grand Lady - Laura Garcia