Ms. Albright: Don't
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Don't "Hey, Ms. Albright" me. We're not friends. You're not...

Love, Simon 2018
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Ms. Albright:
Don't "Hey, Ms. Albright" me. We're not friends. You're not going to braid my hair or paint my nails. Get your ass off the table now, you sweaty, hormonal virgins. You know what? You're about to be suspended for so long that by the time it's over, you're going to be the fat, bald, unhappily married, wildly mediocre nobodies you're destined to become.
You can't talk to us like that.
Ms. Albright:
Actually I can, 'cuz I just did. And you know why? Because you're just those two assholes who did that shitty thing in front of the whole school. And guess what? Nobody feels sorry for those assholes, especially me. Now walk. Mr. Worth's office. Now.
Ms. Albright:
[Grabbing speaker]
Unh-uh. That's mine now. I'm'ma sell it, get my tubes tied.

What's Abby's deal?
I know you and her
hang out a lot.
Are the two of you
like a thing, or...
No, uh, we're just friends.
I could never be just friends
with someone that hot.
Every day is a struggle.
(sighs) I gotta go. I'll see ya.
MASCOT: Hey! You!
Little birdie told me
you're into bears!
(mascot laughs)
Dude! It's me!
I'm the Creekwood bear.
Of course you are.
Thank you.
Not a compliment.
Hey, um... I figured out
my next move with Abby.
Great, that's good for you,
I just wanted to run it by you
real quick.
No, Martin, look.
I've been helping you for weeks
and I am sick and tired
of helping you
mess with my friends' lives.
So why don't you
just do that shit
that you did at Waffle House?
That went great.
So you're saying
I should go for it?
It's kind of a big gesture.
Go big or go home!
Right, Martin?
Go big or go home.
I like that.
Thanks for the pep talk, man!
Gotta get amped up.
(grunts) Come on!
(cheerleaders whooping)
(marching band playing
"Bad Romance")
(players yelling)
We're gonna take ya!
(singing to "Bad Romance")
♪ Claw, claw, claw, claw, claw ♪
♪ Claw, claw, claw, claw, claw ♪
AARON: Ethan!
I didn't know
you like football.
He's just here
to check out the packages.
Didn't your mother ever tell you
not to grab your
micropenis in public?
Could we get some hummus
for that baby carrot?
Shut up, man.
SIMON: Hey, guys.
What's up? Hey.
How was dinner?
It was good.
Yeah, uh, we got
soup dumplings.
That dumpling place
I told you about?
You know, maybe you could go
with Martin.
Why would I go with Martin?
ANNOUNCER: Please stand
for the national anthem.

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Uploaded: 12 December, 2020
Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Summary: Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends and all of his classmates: he's gay. When that secret is threatened, Simon must face everyone and come to terms with his identity.


Ms. Albright - Natasha Rothwell
Spencer - Terayle Hill