I'm a little nervous
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You okay? I'm a little nervous. I never had lines to talk before. We got the best job in...

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Harry Reems:
You okay?
I'm a little nervous. I never had lines to talk before.
Harry Reems:
We got the best job in the world. We just tune everybody out and live in the moment, like we're the only two people on the planet.
Tune everybody out. Live in the moment.
Harry Reems:
Exactly. You're gonna do great. And I can't wait to get it on.


00:00:03.000 --> 00:00:05.368
I'm a little nervous.
00:00:08.272 --> 00:00:12.175
Let's try this. Forget I'm even here. Forget about all this stuff.
00:00:12.177 --> 00:00:13.071
Just be yourself.
00:00:17.581 --> 00:00:22.001
OK, um, I don't think for the movie poster,
00:00:22.087 --> 00:00:26.099
we can be so anatomical.
00:00:26.992 --> 00:00:32.996
Just don't want to disappoint anybody... I guess.
00:00:32.998 --> 00:00:35.999
Tell me about the role you're playing.
00:00:35.001 --> 00:00:40.637
A girl whose clit...
00:00:40.639 --> 00:00:44.999
- I know all that. - OK.
00:00:44.002 --> 00:00:48.378
Um, tell me about the person you're playing.
00:00:50.114 --> 00:00:52.515
Well, at first,
00:00:52.517 --> 00:00:56.586
I'm closed up like a flower...
00:00:56.588 --> 00:00:59.489
- Mm-hmm. Yeah? - ...bud.
00:00:59.491 --> 00:01:01.725
And, um...

Clip duration: 63 seconds
Views: 99
Timestamp in movie: 00h 35m 58s
Uploaded: 26 October, 2021
Genres: biography, drama
Summary: The story of Linda Lovelace, who is used and abused by the porn industry at the behest of her coercive husband before taking control of her life.


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Harry Reems - Adam Brody