"Made for Each Other" quotes

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While on a business trip, an ambitious young lawyer meets and immediately falls in love with a stranger. They wed the following day, and tragedy soon strikes.

Director: John Cromwell
Writer: Jo Swerling, Rose Franken, Frank Ryan
Production: Selznick International Pictures
Year: 1939
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.3
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 10 Feb 1939
Awards: N/A

18 Clips


Jane Mason - Carole Lombard
John Horace Mason - James Stewart
Judge Joseph M. Doolittle - Charles Coburn
Mrs. Harriet Mason - Lucile Watson
Conway - Eddie Quillan
Sister Madeline - Alma Kruger
Newark Radio Operator - Irving Bacon
Salt Lake City Hospital Chemist - Raymond Bailey
John Mason Jr. - Infant - Bonnie Belle Barber
Lily - Cook #3 - Louise Beavers
Jim Hatton - Ward Bond
Mr. Carter - Donald Briggs
Ranger on Telephone - Lane Chandler
Younger Doolittle - Frederick Chapin
Omaha Radio Operator - Russ Clark
Co-Worker - James Conaty
Annie - Cook #1 - Esther Dale
Dr. Healy - Harry Davenport
Mounted Policeman - Edgar Dearing
Hutch - Harry Depp
Airport Operations Manager - Robert Elliott
Farmer's Wife - Fern Emmett
Hospital Cashier - Betty Farrington
Johns Hopkins technician - Mary Field
Tipsy Blonde at New Year's Eve Party - Ruth Gillette
Collins - Russell Hopton
Farmer - Olin Howland
Jury Foreman - Arthur Hoyt
Chicago Radio Operator - Victor Kilian Jr.
Ranger - Tom London
Messerschmidt - Edwin Maxwell
Bailiff - Tom McGuire
North Platte Radio Operator - Carlyle Moore Jr.
Rock Springs Radio Operator - Jack Mulhall
Harry - Elevator Starter - Robert Emmett O'Connor
Hilda - Cook #2 - Renee Orsell
Denver Radio Operator - Garry Owen
Juror - John Picorri
Office Boy - Mickey Rentschler
Office Worker - Cyril Ring
John Horace Mason's Secretary - Mildred Shay
Simon - Judge Doolittle's Brother - Ivan F. Simpson
Newark Official - Milburn Stone
John Mason Jr. - One Year Old - Jackie Taylor
Dr. Langham's Nurse-Receptionist - Nella Walker
Eunice Doolittle - Ruth Weston
New York Hospital Chemist - Harry Worth