Are totally gay

Oh my god, you two... are totally gay Erm... Bitch! Why didn't you tell me? That's because...

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Abby Mancuso:
Oh my god, you two... are totally gay
Olaf 'Gunn' Gunnunderson:
Abby Mancuso:
Bitch! Why didn't you tell me?
Olaf 'Gunn' Gunnunderson:
That's because I haven't told anybody here.
Abby Mancuso:
Yeah... I got that.
Olaf 'Gunn' Gunnunderson:
Did you just called me "bitch"?


00:00:00.086 --> 00:00:00.946
O my God!
00:00:03.000 --> 00:00:05.034
You two are totally gay.
00:00:09.598 --> 00:00:09.998
00:00:10.519 --> 00:00:12.014
Why not tell me?
00:00:12.014 --> 00:00:14.384
Because I did not tell anyone here.
00:00:14.384 --> 00:00:15.894
Yes, that I realized.
00:00:16.527 --> 00:00:17.819
You just got to call me 'bitch'?
00:00:17.819 --> 00:00:20.723
OK, and if you are gay, that Ray goes for your clothes?
00:00:20.723 --> 00:00:21.293
I know!
00:00:21.909 --> 00:00:23.506
He thinks they will keep in the closet.
00:00:23.506 --> 00:00:23.846
00:00:24.616 --> 00:00:26.589
Is that they should stay in the closet.
00:00:26.589 --> 00:00:27.999
00:00:28.007 --> 00:00:30.015
How did you know?
00:00:30.352 --> 00:00:31.222
Well, duhhhh!

Clip duration: 32 seconds
Views: 96
Timestamp in movie: 00h 40m 35s
Uploaded: 22 October, 2021
Genres: comedy, romance
Summary: A gay student who is "out" at college but not to his family receives an unexpected visit from his boyfriend while at home during the holidays.


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Abby Mancuso - Hallee Hirsh