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Taking place in 1983, Red is a lumberjack who lives in a secluded cabin in the woods. His artist girlfriend Mandy spends her days reading fantasy paperbacks. Then one day, she catches the eye of a crazed cult leader, who conjures a group of motorcycle-riding demons to kidnap her. Red, armed with a crossbow and custom Axe, stops at nothing to get her back, leaving a bloody, brutal pile of bodies in his wake.

Director: Panos Cosmatos
Writer: Panos Cosmatos, Aaron Stewart-Ahn, Panos Cosmatos (story by), Casper Kelly
Production: SpectreVision, Company X, XYZ Films
Year: 2018
MetaScore: 81/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: $1,233,694
Released: 14 Sep 2018
Awards: 13 wins & 40 nominations.

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Red Miller - Nicolas Cage
Mandy Bloom - Andrea Riseborough
Jeremiah Sand - Linus Roache
Brother Swan - Ned Dennehy
Mother Marlene - Olwen Fouéré
The Chemist - Richard Brake
Caruthers - Bill Duke
Sister Lucy - Line Pillet
Brother Klopek - Clément Baronnet
Brother Hanker - Alexis Julemont
Brother Lewis - Stephan Fraser
Skratch - Ivailo Dimitrov
Scabs - Kalin Kerin
Dog the Dog - Madd'yz Dog Lollyta
Lizzie the Tiger - Corfu
Announcer - Paul Painter
Cheddar Goblin Girl - Zeva DuVall
Cheddar Goblin Boy - Isaiah C. Morgan