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The secretary to a psychiatrist finds herself caught up in the murder of a patient's wife and realizes that her life is also in danger.

Director: Lewis R. Foster
Writer: Lewis R. Foster, Whitman Chambers, L.S. Goldsmith
Production: Pine-Thomas Productions [us]
Year: 1949
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.6
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 21 Jul 1949
Awards: N/A

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Merl Kramer - Dorothy Lamour
Joe Cooper - Sterling Hayden
Karl Benson - Dan Duryea
Guy Bayard - Phillip Reed
Dr. Redman - Harold Vermilyea
Alton Bennet - Alan Napier
Detective Lt. Bill Dawson - Art Smith
Sgt. Fayle - Irving Bacon
Boyd, Man in Apartment House Lobby with Girl - Benny Baker
Pawn Shop Owner - Paul E. Burns
Henry, Bennet's Butler - James Edwards
Doc, Police Lab Man - Morgan Farley
Newspaper Vendor - John George
Italian Restaurant Owner - George Humbert
Detective Phil Wilson - Ray Hyke
Reporter - Donald Kerr
Chinese Laundry Owner - Keye Luke
Dry Cleaning Proprietress - Mary Newton
Christine, Bennet's Maid - Maidie Norman
Police Photographer - Garry Owen
Flower Woman - Rose Plumer
Reporter - Joey Ray
Reporter - Lee Roberts
Woman in Hallway - Dorothy Vaughan
Police Fingerprint Man - Robert B. Williams
Charlie, a Fence - Ian Wolfe