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Der Weisse Engel

Old Lady on 47th Street:
I know that man. It can't be... Szell? Szell. Szell! Szell! Szell! My God! Stop him! Szell! Stop Szell! It's Szell. Der Weisse Engel! Der Weisse Engel is here. Oh my God, stop him. Stop him. Der Weisse Engel! Der Weisse Engel. He has to be stopped. My God! He gets away. Der Weisse Engel is here. Szell. Stop him! Der Weisse Engel... Oh please, help me. He's a beast. He's a murderer. You must stop him. Oh my God. There he goes! He's getting away!

Things are coming together.
Down, or your head gets blown off.
Those two guys I wasted
work for Christian Szell.
- Know that name?
- No.
He did experiments at Auschwitz.
He was called The White Angel,
Der Weiße Engel, due to his white hair.
The wealthiest and most
wanted Nazi left alive.
He's hiding out in Uruguay.
In '45, Szell told Jews in Auschwitz
he'd help them escape for a price.
He started out with gold, naturally,
but went on to diamonds.
Heard this?
Szell saw the end early.
His brother took the
diamonds to America
to a safe deposit box in New York.
Szell's brother had the key.
The only other key
Szell kept in Uruguay.
If he comes out to use it,
he'll expose himself to great risk.

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Movie: Marathon Man
Year: 1976
Genres: crime, thriller
Summary: A graduate history student is unwittingly caught in the middle of an international conspiracy involving stolen diamonds, an exiled Nazi war criminal, and a rogue government agent.

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Old Lady on 47th Street - Lotte Palfi Andor