Hold it Tony Screw you

Tony, are you afraid? Afraid? With these gorillas around me, c'mon, I feel like a virgin...

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Tony 'The Tiger' Russo:
Pushy Reporter: Tony, are you afraid?
The Pushy Reporter:
Afraid? With these gorillas around me, c'mon, I feel like a virgin at a eunuch convention.


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Hold it Tony Screw you
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Tony Russo
00:00:06.881 --> 00:00:10.055
you're under arrest for the murders of Frank de Marco and Karen Lutnick
00:00:11.803 --> 00:00:15.055
You'll never make it stick Sure Tony
00:00:22.023 --> 00:00:26.274
Hey Tony what did you tell them in there I'm sorry I can't talk about it
00:00:26.317 --> 00:00:30.654
How are the Feds treating you Tony Not bad I get to watch all my soaps
00:00:32.615 --> 00:00:35.659
The food must be good You put on some weight

Clip duration: 37 seconds
Views: 44
Timestamp in movie: 01h 31m 13s
Uploaded: 04 April, 2022
Genres: comedy, crime, romance
Summary: A mobster's wife hates her lifestyle, but gets a chance to change it when her husband is killed - if the Long Island mob and the FBI let her.


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