Oh look at the time
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Hey! We've got the whole place to ourselves... let's dance! Look they're serenading us! Oh...

May 2002
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[May and Polly are alone in the file room at work]

Hey! We've got the whole place to ourselves... let's dance!
[Polly turns on the small portable radio in the same room, and in the background the dogs in the Veterinary Hospital begin to howl and bark]

[Polly hums and laughs at the dogs]
Look they're serenading us! Oh we have to dance now! Oh... please, please, please please.
[Polly crawls up on the table between her and May, taking one of May's cigarettes and putting it in her mouth]
So are you gonna dance with me or what?
[Polly and May are now slow dancing in the room holding each others hands and waists, when Polly whispers to May]
Do you like pussy?
[May quickly answers]
Cats! Do you like pussy cats? Gee you're a nasty little thing aren't you. Do you like Lupe?
[the camera shows Lupe walking at their feet]

My landlady is a real bitch, I have to get rid of her.
The landlady?
[Polly laughs]
No dummy the cat. You're her only hope.
[Polly raises May's hand up to hold and feel her neck]

Oh come on! Lupe will keep you company when you're all alone. And besides, she'll remind you of me.
Uh! Wonderful!
[Polly kisses May lips to lips]

Oh, look at the time, I have to go.
[Polly turns around once more to May before walking out of the room]
It's girls night out tonight, wanna come? I know, you need your beauty rest... not much of it though.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.024
Oh look at the time
00:00:04.052 --> 00:00:06.028
I have to go
00:00:09.096 --> 00:00:11.088
It's girls' night out tonight
00:00:11.092 --> 00:00:13.096
You want to come
00:00:14.000 --> 00:00:15.072
I know
00:00:15.072 --> 00:00:17.056
You need your beauty rest
00:00:19.559 --> 00:00:21.599
Not much of it though

Clip duration: 23 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00:31:48
Uploaded: 01 April, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama, horror
Summary: A socially awkward veterinary assistant with a lazy eye and obsession with perfection descends into depravity after developing a crush on a boy with perfect hands.


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Polly - Anna Faris
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