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A crew of miniature aliens operate a spaceship that has a human form. While trying to save their planet, the aliens encounter a new problem, as their ship becomes smitten with an Earth woman... Read all

Director: Brian Robbins
Writer: Rob Greenberg, Bill Corbett
Production: N/A
Year: 2008
MetaScore: 43/100
ImdbRating: 5.0
BoxOffice: $11,803,254
Released: 11 Jul 2008
Awards: 2 wins & 3 nominations

20 Clips


Gina Morrison - Elizabeth Banks
No. 3 - Cultural Officer - Gabrielle Union
Dooley - Scott Caan
No. 2 - 2nd In Command - Ed Helms
No. 17 - Kevin Hart
No. 4 - Security Officer - Pat Kilbane
Doctor - Jim Turner
Josh Morrison - Austyn Myers
No. 35 - Adam Tomei
Lieutenant Right Arm - Brian Huskey
Lieutenant Left Arm - Shawn Christian
ER Doctor - Rob Moran
No. 81 - Female Crew - Jane Bradbury
Lieutenant Right Leg - Brad Wilson
Burly Crew Member - Miguel A. Núñez Jr.
Air Traffic Controller - John Gatins
Young Bully - Nick Berman
Lieutenant Left Leg - Smith Cho
Apple Genius - Yung-I Chang
Lieutenant Buttocks - David Goldsmith
Lieutenant Kneecap - Paul Scheer
Principal - James M. Connor
What The Boy - Justin Robbins
Freckled Boy - Miles Robbins
Nerdy Girl - Allisyn Snyder
MRI Technician - Stephanie Venditto
Announcer at Street Fair - Richard Cerenzio
Old Woman - Jane Altman
Old Navy Salesman - Philip Pavel
Old Navy Saleswoman - Yvette Nicole Brown
Police Sergeant - Charles Guardino
Robber #1 - Craig Gellis
Robber #2 - Tim Sitarz
Little Boy At Park - Thomas Langston
Middle-Aged Man - John Mainieri
Middle-Aged Wife - Phyllis Kay
Make Out Guy - Michael Izquierdo
Make Out Girl - Kristen Connolly
Mouth Crew #1 - Monica Flores
Mouth Crew #2 - Scott Levine
Mouth Crew #3 - Boni Yanagisawa
Old Man On Toilet - Floyd Levine
Homeless Man - Richie Allan
Timid Crewmember - Alex Berg
Security Guard - Brandon Molale
Waitress - Phaedra Nielson
Detective #1 - Mel Cowan
Apple Store Girl - Janine Edwards
Tourist - Michael Winther
Convenience Store Clerk - Asako Takasue
Woman at Old Navy - Abbey Lerman
Engine Crew #1 - Makoto Tanaka
Engine Crew #2 - Mark Rangel
No. 37 - Rashida Roy
Naked Cowboy - The Naked Cowboy
Stockbroker - William Penick
Salsa Dancer - Hannah Feldner-Shaw
Salsa Dancer - Leo Moctezuma
Salsa Dancer - Annette Nicole
Salsa Dancer - Christian Perry
Salsa Dancer - Brandon Michael Vega
Salsa Band - Cesar Espinoza
Salsa Band - Yalil Guerra
Salsa Band - Stephen Giraldo
Salsa Band - James Zavaleta
Salsa Band - Otto Granillo
Salsa Band - Gerardo Rivera
A Chorus Line Dancer - Ken Alan
A Chorus Line Dancer - David Baum
A Chorus Line Dancer - Michael Berresse
A Chorus Line Dancer - E. Clayton Cornelious
A Chorus Line Dancer - Natalie Cortez
A Chorus Line Dancer - Mara Davi
A Chorus Line Dancer - Jessica Lee Goldyn
A Chorus Line Dancer - Deidre Goodwin
A Chorus Line Dancer - Nadine Isenegger
A Chorus Line Dancer - Pamela Jordan
A Chorus Line Dancer - James T. Lane
A Chorus Line Dancer - Paul McGill
A Chorus Line Dancer - Alisan Porter
A Chorus Line Dancer - Jeffrey Schecter
A Chorus Line Dancer - Yuka Takara
A Chorus Line Dancer - Jason Tam
A Chorus Line Dancer - Grant K. Turner
A Chorus Line Dancer - Chryssie Whitehead
A Chorus Line Dancer - Tony Yazbeck
Pedestrian - Sherman Alpert
Bus Driver - Bill Anagnos
Times Square Mime - David Alex Andrejko
No. 6 - Security Officer - Jace Armstrong
Old Navy Customer - Kelli Barksdale
Hospital Guest - Patrizia Barretto
Mac Genius - Brett Berg
Right Arm Crew - Karen Berg
Tourist - Jeremiah Caleb
Carnival Girl - Alice Chen
Tourist - Chiasui Chen
Construction Worker - Mustafa Cimen
Police Officer #3 - Carol Commissiong
Tourist - Peter Conboy
Taxi Dodger - Adam Cooley
Mac Genius - Vince Cupone
Carnival Balloon Girl - Christina De Los Reyes
Construction Worker - Michael Den Dekker
Old Navy Customer - Denny Dormody
Stroller Mom - Liberty Park - Kimberly Dorsey
Hotdog Eating Contest Referee - Thomas F. Evans
Girl Playing by the Statue of Liberty - Amanda Florian
Girl at Statue of Liberty - Brianna Leann Florian
Girl by Statue of Liberty - Tiffany Ashley Florian
Girl in the Yellow Dress - Lorry Francois
Man with Basketball - Dennis Jay Funny
No. 7 - Jamel Gay
Pedestrian - Jan Gelberman
Pedestrian - Brandon G. Holley
Crew Member - Robert Jones
Audience Member - Khafre King
Cab Driver - Henry Kingi
Customer at Counter - RJ Konner
Theresa - Gina La Piana
Pedestrian - Jian Leonardo
No. 62 - Lianne Lin
NYPD Detective - Jill Lord
Old Navy Customer - Mario Loya
Tourist at the Statue of Liberty - Christopher Maggi
Old Navy Customer - Aaron Massey
Tourist at the Statue of Liberty - Wayne May
NYC Pedestrian - Todd McCall
Young Girl in Pink Jacket Walking up the Pier - Caitlyn McDonald
A Chorus Line Audience Member - Rebecca Merle
Tourist at the Statue of Liberty - Frances Mignano
Crew - No. 26 - Richard D. Moore
Gay Guy - Duncan Murdoch
Perpetrator - Enrique Novello
No. 19 - Orock Orock
Hot Dog Counter - Kelley Petrisi
Woman on Ferry - Joan Preston
Taxi Driver - Larry Purtell
Nanny - Inbal Samuel
Business Man - Bill Sorice
Nilian Transformer - Upper deck - Sandy Sunshine
Pedestrian - Paul Thornton
Pedestrian - Uziman
NYPD Detective - Village
Carny - Nick Wall
Radar Command Console Operator - George F. Watson
Medical Facility Girl - Christina Wun
Homeless Guy - Poco Zocko
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