"Miles" quotes

Miles poster
A kid from middle America, desperate to move to Chicago, joins the volleyball team to get a scholarship - the only catch is that his high school only has a girls team.

Director: Nathan Adloff
Writer: Nathan Adloff, Justin D.M. Palmer
Production: N/A
Year: 2016
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 5.8
BoxOffice: $2,537
Released: 09 Jun 2017
Awards: 6 wins & 1 nomination

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Miles Walton - Tim Boardman
Pam Walton - Molly Shannon
Ron Walton - Stephen Root
Mr. Halversham - Will Erat
Mr. Wilson - Ethan Phillips
Leslie Wayne - Missi Pyle
Becky Rourke - Nellie Campbell
Willard Melton - Dennis Wit
Dr. Meade - William Hill
Don Boyle - D.C. Anderson
Rhonda Roth - Annie Golden
Mrs. Calvert - Jaclyn Bethany
Mrs. Armstrong - Yeardley Smith
Penelope Walker - Danielle Catanzariti
Candace Colburn - Jordyn DiNatale
Wendy Brazda - Andi Matichak
Pondley Volleyball Girl - Paris Reaves
Pondley Volleyball Girl - Stephanie Bogda
Pondley Volleyball Girl - Isidora Vlahovic
Pondley Volleyball Girl - Marnie Kotlyar
Lloyd Bryant - Paul Reiser
Jean Elmore - Monika Casey
Timothy Schultz - Malcolm Gets
Announcer - Billy Clark Taylor
Referee Bailey - Squeaky Moore
Milly Newsome - Gabrielle Sansone
Opposing Player - Julia Knitel
Rory Gustafson - Olivia DeVenne
Referee Dane - Richard Strauss
Marge Carlson - Romy Rosemont
Referee Judson - Jonathan Dickson
Coach Rick - Charles Solomon Jr.
Barb Gundrum - Lynne McCollough
Steve Owens - Kevin Isola
Mr. Meely - Benjamin Howes
Ms. Smith - Alison Edwards
Sandy Dennan - Sevda Semen
Referee Farwell - Ray Crisara
Tractor Boy - Ian Goodman
School Bus Driver - Ron Donnatin
Paper Boy - Johnny Skafidas
Radio Host - Scott Miller
Radio Host - Kathy Voltmer
Volleyball Player - Alana Eiland
Volleyball Player - Aliah Banchik
Volleyball Player - Caitlin Leung
Volleyball Player - Camila Stacchetti
Volleyball Player - Caroline Kelly
Volleyball Player - Elizabeth Burns
Volleyball Player - Grace Seegar
Volleyball Player - Jane McLeod
Volleyball Player - Mary Massey
Volleyball Player - Michelle Garratt
Volleyball Player - Olivia Abrams
Volleyball Player - Saoirse Ryan
Volleyball Player - Sasha Kiosse
Volleyball Player - Sonja Lindberg
Volleyball Player - Sophie Fried
Volleyball Player - Sophie Jabban
Volleyball Player - Jade Demps
Professor Evans - Kian Kavousi
Student - Lindsay Kraft
Volleyball Player - Sarah Villegas
Mr. Anolik - Tyler Burness
Volleyball Player - Carina Castagna
Principal - Joe DiStefano
Family Member - Emil Ferzola
Volleyball Fan - Isabel Chanel Freeman
Volleyball Player - Shelby Christine Freeman
Parent - Larry Gevirtz
Volleyball Player - Alexandria M. Green
Band Member - Delaney Green
Student - Sydney Hargrove
Student - Tate Kenney
Family Member - Valeriya Korennaya
Teacher - Jason LaPenta
Volleyball Audience Member - Christopher B. Papale
Volleyball Player - Sydney Harlow Parks
Widow Support Group Leader - Elena Schick
Volleyball Fan - Kayla Shaye
Teacher - Nadia Sobehart
Volleyball Player - Julie St. James
Volleyball Player - Ashley Tate
Volleyball Fan - Justin Tate