You can go

You gave an interview on BBC saying that Amin was evil. Are you mad? What about Kinnu?...

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You gave an interview on BBC saying that Amin was evil. Are you mad? What about Kinnu? What about Mina? Do you ever think of them?
What should I have done? Remain silent? That is the coward's way!
Don't talk to me about cowards! That's what you are. You're not leaving because you're scared to leave. You are scared of leaving Uganda.
Why should I go? Why should I go? Okelo, this is my home.
Not anymore, Jay. Africa is for Africans. *Black* Africans.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.865
You can go
00:00:06.539 --> 00:00:08.803
Come on let's go
00:00:10.776 --> 00:00:14.234
It's easy to be king of Kampala
00:00:14.413 --> 00:00:17.814
Big fish in a little pond
00:00:18.384 --> 00:00:22.048
Why don't you try to be king of London
00:00:22.655 --> 00:00:23.986
Or king of Bombay
00:00:24.156 --> 00:00:27.999
Because I was born here
00:00:27.894 --> 00:00:30.522
I've always been Ugandan first Indian second
00:00:30.697 --> 00:00:35.003
I've been called a bootlicker and a traitor by my fellow Indians
00:00:37.537 --> 00:00:39.334
00:00:43.081 --> 00:00:46.998
Uganda is my home
00:00:46.647 --> 00:00:49.997
Not anymore Jay
00:00:51.002 --> 00:00:54.509
Africa is for Africans
00:00:55.722 --> 00:00:58.317
Black Africans

Clip duration: 67 seconds
Views: 22
Timestamp in movie: 01h 30m 38s
Uploaded: 20 November, 2022
Genres: drama, romance
Summary: An ethnic Indian family is expelled from Idi Amin's Uganda in 1972 and lives in Mississippi 17 years later. The dad sues Uganda to get his property back. The grown daughter falls in love with a Black man.


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Okelo - Konga Mbandu