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"Moonlighting" quotes

Moonlighting poster
A Polish contractor, Nowak, leads a group of workmen to London so they can provide cheap labor for a government official based there. Nowak (Irons) has to manage the project and the men as t... Read all

Director: Jerzy Skolimowski
Writer: Jerzy Skolimowski
Production: N/A
Genre: drama
Year: 1982
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.3
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 26 Sep 1982
Awards: 3 wins & 3 nominations

2 Clips


Nowak - Jeremy Irons
Banaszak - Eugene Lipinski
Immigration Officer - Edward Arthur
Neighbor - Denis Holmes
Junk Shop Owner - Renu Setna
Supermarket Manager - David Calder
Supermarket Supervisor - Judy Gridley
Supermarket Cashier - Claire Toeman
Lady Shoplifter - Catherine Harding
Haughty Supermarket Customer - Jill Johnson
Supermarket Assistant - David Squire
Builders' Merchant - Michael Sarne
Wrangler Shop Assistant - Lucy Hornak
Wrangler Shop Assistant - Robyn Mandell
Lady in Telephone Box - Ann Tirard
Newspaper Boy - Hugh Harper
Chemist's Assistant - Julia Chambers
Chinese Man - Fred Lee Own
Timber Man - Kenny Ireland
Hire Shop Man - Trevor Cooper
Hire Shop Man - Iain Ormsby-Knox
Aquascutum Assistant - David Gant
Aquascutum Shoplifter - Jenifer Landor
Boss Lookalike - Ian McCulloch
His Woman - Laura Frances Hart
Lot Airline Girl - Dorota Zieciowska