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"More American Graffiti" quotes

More American Graffiti poster
Told in four different New Year's Eves in the mid 1960s, John, Terry, Debbie, Steve and Laurie deal with adulthood, the Vietnam war, peace rallies, and relationships.

Director: Bill Norton
Writer: Bill Norton, George Lucas, Gloria Katz
Production: N/A
Genre: comedy, drama, war
Year: 1979
MetaScore: 44/100
ImdbRating: 5.3
BoxOffice: $15,014,674
Released: 03 Aug 1979
Awards: N/A


Debbie Dunham - Candy Clark
Little Joe - Bo Hopkins
Steve Bolander - Ron Howard
John Milner - Paul Le Mat
Terry the Toad - Charles Martin Smith
Laurie Bolander - Cindy Williams
Major Creech - Richard Bradford
Ralph - John Brent
Country Joe and the Fish - Country Joe McDonald
Country Joe and the Fish - Barry Melton
Country Joe and the Fish - Robert Hogins
Country Joe and the Fish - Robert Flurie
Country Joe and the Fish - Peter Albin
Country Joe and the Fish - Harold Aceves
Sinclair - James Houghton
Lance - John Lansing
Beckwith - Ken Place
Eric - Tom Ruben
Bobbie - Doug Sahm
Andy Henderson - Will Seltzer
Moonflower - Monica Tenner
Felix - Ralph Wilcox
Wolfman Jack - Wolfman Jack
Girl in Commune - Rosanna Arquette
Cop #1 - Tom Baker
Sergeant Dutton - Eric Barnes
Girl in Bus - Becky Bedoy
The Freak - Buzz Borelli
Perry - Ben Bottoms
Musician #1 - Patrick Burns
Slick Eddie - Tim Burrus
Race Starter - Chet Carter
Delivery Man - Dion M. Chesse
Cop #2 - Don Coughlin
Kevin Bolander - Mark Courtney
Teddy Bolander - Michael Courtney
Police Sergeant - Denny Delk
Trophy Girl - Frankie Di
Race Announcer - Steve Evans
Police Matron - Nancy Fish
The Neighbor - Rocky Flintermann
Musician #2 - Michael Frost
Ron - Jon Gries
Lieutenant - Paul G. Hensler
Child in Commune - Julie Anna Hicks
Delivery Man - Robert Hirschfeld
Congressman - Jay Jacobus
Girl in Bus - Naomi Judd
Girl in Bus - Leslie Gay Leace
Army Sergeant - Delroy Lindo
Pilot - Dwight Reber
Girl in Commune - Sandra Rider
Mr. Hunt - Morgan Upton
Big Guy - John Vella
Student Leader - Dan Woodworth
Pilot - Clay Wright
Safety Safari - Wayne Coy
Officer Bob Falfa - Harrison Ford
Draft Protestor - Darrell Mapson