000 tons of rubber
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Schroeder, if we capture 7,000 tons of rubber, it's going to save thousands of lives and...

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Colonel Statter:
Schroeder, if we capture 7,000 tons of rubber, it's going to save thousands of lives and shorten the war against Hitler.
Robert Crain:
Colonel Statter, besides from the obvious suicidal aspects of your scheme, I personally don't believe that war is ever a solution to political conflict. What do wars ever prove? Men, women, and children are slaughtered, and a generation later, friends are enemies, and enemies are friends and the whole stupid cycle starts over again. Certainly, I have great appreciation for your noble effort, and your interest to save thousands of lives. But excuse me if I seem to be concerned for my own life.


00:00:00.066 --> 00:00:03.122
- The cargo, Mr Crain, is rubber. - Rubber?
00:00:03.664 --> 00:00:05.916
A ship called the Ingo will leave Tokyo...
00:00:06.000 --> 00:00:09.378
carrying 7,000 tons of raw rubber.
00:00:10.129 --> 00:00:13.132
7,000 tons of rubber, Mr Crain...
00:00:13.799 --> 00:00:18.179
will keep the entire German army on wheels...
00:00:18.429 --> 00:00:20.514
for at least three months.
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- Is this music disturbing you? - No.
00:00:27.396 --> 00:00:29.398
Would you like to hear the second movement?
00:00:29.482 --> 00:00:30.733
00:00:35.237 --> 00:00:37.049
I'm glad you admire my painting.
00:00:38.073 --> 00:00:40.826
I bought this Kirschner in Zurich.
00:00:41.327 --> 00:00:44.001
Yeah, I paid too much for it, but I couldn't resist it.
00:00:44.163 --> 00:00:46.582
You come from Zurich, Mr Crain?
00:00:47.625 --> 00:00:49.793
Yes, my family lives there.
00:00:51.253 --> 00:00:52.546
Mr Crain...
00:00:53.756 --> 00:00:55.466
you have no family.
00:00:55.925 --> 00:00:58.177
You're a German, Herr Schroeder.
00:00:59.512 --> 00:01:02.306
You've been living in a British dominion here in India...
00:01:02.389 --> 00:01:05.559
on a forged Swiss passport for the last three years.
00:01:08.999 --> 00:01:11.069
You were a reserve officer in an engineer demolition battalion.
00:01:11.941 --> 00:01:13.999
The day you received orders to report for duty...
00:01:14.998 --> 00:01:15.819
you turned your back on your country...
00:01:15.986 --> 00:01:20.449
and managed to leave Germany with most of your funds.
00:01:23.953 --> 00:01:27.623
I'm not surprised, sir, that you found me.
00:01:28.999 --> 00:01:32.336
- I'm only surprised that it took so long. - Oh, but it didn't.
00:01:33.504 --> 00:01:36.001
We've not had any need for you, until now.
00:01:37.999 --> 00:01:41.804
What we're astonished at is that you never gave your services to the Allies.
00:01:41.887 --> 00:01:45.182
- But buried yourself out here. - Buried myself?
00:01:46.976 --> 00:01:49.979
I think I have here all that I could possibly want.
00:01:50.479 --> 00:01:54.999
I have my books and my music and a modest art collection.
00:01:55.943 --> 00:01:59.996
And a visit from a beautiful lady from time to time.
00:02:00.114 --> 00:02:02.866
And what I value most is my privacy.

Clip duration: 124 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 06m 19s
Uploaded: 20 October, 2021
Genres: action, drama, thriller
Summary: A war pacifist is blackmailed to pose as an SS officer and to disable the scuttling explosives on freighter carrying rubber cargo to be captured by the Allies.


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Colonel Statter - Trevor Howard
Robert Crain - Marlon Brando