It's a long voyage, and I hope that we could find some common interest. Do you play the...

It's a long voyage
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Robert Crain:
[in the officer's mess: Crain, Capt. Mueller and Kruse are dining]
It's a long voyage, and I hope that we could find some common interest.
Robert Crain:
[motions to a nearby chess board]
Do you play the chess, sir?
Captain Mueller:
I do.
Robert Crain:
Well, then, we perhaps could have a game?
Captain Mueller:
Mr Keil, I have neither the time, nor the desire to play chess with you.
Robert Crain:
[slightly taken aback]
Captain Mueller... I'm not accustomed to unfriendliness, hmm? And, I quite frankly... I was really not prepared for it. Do you have some particular quarrel with SS, Captain?
Captain Mueller:
I'm sure that you SS gentlemen are very valuable on dry land. But on this ship I have a job to do.
Robert Crain:
But how does my being on board this ship affect your job?
Captain Mueller:
My crew. Word's gotten around that you're aboard, and they're scared to death.
Robert Crain:
This is ridiculous.
Captain Mueller:
Ridiculous or not, I shall have to ask you to confine yourself to your cabin, the deck, and the salon. I don't want you to interfere with their work or mine.
Robert Crain:
Do you mean... am I to understand that I will not be free to, to walk around the ship?
Captain Mueller:
Yes, just that. The Admiralty described you as a passenger. So you will have all the privileges and the restrictions of a passenger.
Robert Crain:
They failed to describe the captain as not only foolish but ill-mannered.
Captain Mueller:
Well, that's their blunder.
Robert Crain:
Captain Mueller, I don't have to put up with this sort of rudeness and I would like to suggest that you show a little more respect for me, for my authority, and for the organization that I represent.
Captain Mueller:
I am the master of this ship. You're under MY authority here.
Robert Crain:
[stands up, pulls a notepad out of his pocket]
Mr. Kruse, you will attest that the captain is not only insulting, but uncooperative. I will make a full report of this when we reach Bordeaux, hmm?
Captain Mueller:
Bordeaux? The only report I care about - IF we reach Bordeaux - is that Captain Mueller brought the "Ingo" on a 15,000 mile journey through enemy waters with a precious cargo, successfully. Even if he didn't play chess on the way.
Robert Crain:
I hoped that our relations would be pleasant but I see that they won't. Good night.
[turns and leaves]


00:00:03.000 --> 00:00:06.587
As I told Capt Mueller, it was a long voyage.
00:00:09.257 --> 00:00:10.299
00:00:11.003 --> 00:00:14.178
Chess partners are very difficult to come by Mr Keil.
00:00:14.262 --> 00:00:15.388
00:00:34.157 --> 00:00:35.408
Miss Goddard?
00:00:36.784 --> 00:00:39.245
- Miss Goddard? - Who is it?
00:00:39.328 --> 00:00:42.001
It's Mr Keil. Could I speak with you one moment?
00:00:42.206 --> 00:00:44.292
There is a crack under the door.
00:00:44.005 --> 00:00:47.336
It should be easy for you to crawl through it.
00:00:51.132 --> 00:00:54.998
At 7:00 every morning, an officer and two crew members...
00:00:54.004 --> 00:00:56.012
will supervise the prisoners exercise.
00:00:56.999 --> 00:00:59.001
After this duty, the weapons will be locked in the ordinance room.
00:00:59.474 --> 00:01:03.102
Now I understand the hatch covers over the prisoners hold were closed last night.
00:01:03.186 --> 00:01:05.104
You must like steam baths.
00:01:05.188 --> 00:01:07.565
From now on, the hatch covers will remain partially open...
00:01:07.648 --> 00:01:11.001
and therefore, the regular watch in the area will be armed.
00:01:11.986 --> 00:01:16.999
I acted for our well-being, sir, not towards the enemy's.
00:01:17.408 --> 00:01:21.001
Well, I won't let it spoil my appetite for breakfast.
00:01:21.746 --> 00:01:23.372
I'm glad of that, sir.
00:01:49.315 --> 00:01:52.693
There's international rules! We got a right to be heard.
00:01:52.777 --> 00:01:54.999
Shall we arrange it for them?
00:01:58.866 --> 00:02:00.999
I would like to be there...
00:02:00.999 --> 00:02:03.996
when you try to convince these birds to join the Gestapo.
00:02:07.667 --> 00:02:10.999
Some day it will be a pleasure to pay a visit to America.
00:02:10.001 --> 00:02:14.423
- This will be wonderful. - Meanwhile, let's eat. Thank you.
00:02:16.999 --> 00:02:18.999
Keep moving. Let's go.
00:02:21.001 --> 00:02:23.999
Keep moving! Call Dr Ambach.
00:02:24.994 --> 00:02:27.001
Take him over to the hospital right away. You, follow them.
00:02:29.999 --> 00:02:34.001
Captain, emergency! A prisoner's hurt. We can't rouse Dr Ambach.
00:02:36.404 --> 00:02:37.947
Get me the morphine.
00:02:46.001 --> 00:02:49.542
It's bad, but not as bad as the racket you're making.
00:02:50.001 --> 00:02:53.999
- What's the matter? - There's no morphine here.
00:02:57.001 --> 00:02:58.001
I'll get it.
00:03:04.999 --> 00:03:07.268
You can be of use. Go up there and help.
00:03:28.999 --> 00:03:32.251
You, up here. Us, sweating in a dungeon.
00:03:32.001 --> 00:03:35.999
- Your kind always wind up living rich. - Shut up.
00:03:36.994 --> 00:03:39.001
Shut up, you crackpot. We're sick of hearing that garbage.
00:03:39.001 --> 00:03:41.999
What's this? What do you mean?
00:03:41.999 --> 00:03:43.262
He means I'm a Jew.
00:03:47.999 --> 00:03:49.143
Where do you hide the ship's morphine?
00:03:49.226 --> 00:03:53.999
- This damn fever gets me now. - Where is the morphine, Mr Ambach?
00:03:53.999 --> 00:03:57.001
Morphine? There is no morphine.
00:04:01.697 --> 00:04:05.989
No, no, no. It's mine.
00:04:05.999 --> 00:04:09.011
I brought it aboard the ship myself. It's mine. This stuff's mine.
00:04:09.001 --> 00:04:13.334
It's private property. No! You can't have that. Captain!
00:04:13.417 --> 00:04:15.001
I'll die without it. I'll die.
00:04:15.999 --> 00:04:17.999
You'll live, Mr Ambach.
00:04:20.001 --> 00:04:23.999
They told me voyage to China coast...
00:04:24.003 --> 00:04:25.721
only a few days.
00:04:26.001 --> 00:04:28.999
They lied to me.
00:04:29.002 --> 00:04:32.001
I had to take it. I had to take it.
00:04:33.998 --> 00:04:34.002
I had to.
00:04:51.999 --> 00:04:53.999
Do you want me to clean it now?
00:04:53.999 --> 00:04:57.001
When a Jewish bitch takes over the sick ward then...
00:04:57.999 --> 00:05:00.798
Miss Levy is perfectly able to attend to this.
00:05:02.001 --> 00:05:04.999
Miss Levy?
00:05:05.999 --> 00:05:06.003
You knew.
00:05:07.997 --> 00:05:09.002
Have you thought of the effect on the officers and men?
00:05:09.999 --> 00:05:12.003
I didn't know it was contagious.
00:05:13.998 --> 00:05:15.002
Now, what do you have to say about this?
00:05:16.999 --> 00:05:17.815
I think you're out of your mind...
00:05:17.002 --> 00:05:19.733
but, after all, you are the master of the ship.
00:05:19.001 --> 00:05:21.001
That I am.
00:05:21.999 --> 00:05:25.322
Now, take care of it. I'm sure you can do it better than I can.
00:05:31.037 --> 00:05:34.002
You're saying that she will continue to have a stage room?
00:05:34.002 --> 00:05:36.025
That you will go on feeding her in the salon?
00:05:36.003 --> 00:05:37.998
The lady's privileges will remain.

Clip duration: 339 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 01h 23m 38s
Uploaded: 20 October, 2021
Genres: action, drama, thriller
Summary: A war pacifist is blackmailed to pose as an SS officer and to disable the scuttling explosives on freighter carrying rubber cargo to be captured by the Allies.


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Robert Crain - Marlon Brando
Captain Mueller - Yul Brynner