"My Best Friend's Wedding" quotes

My Best Friend's Wedding poster
When a woman's long-time friend reveals he's engaged, she realizes she loves him herself and sets out to get him, with only days before the wedding.

Director: P.J. Hogan
Writer: Ronald Bass
Production: N/A
Year: 1997
MetaScore: 50/100
ImdbRating: 6.3
BoxOffice: $127,120,029
Released: 20 Jun 1997
Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. 12 wins & 24 nominations total

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Julianne Potter - Julia Roberts
Michael O'Neal - Dermot Mulroney
Kimberly Wallace - Cameron Diaz
George Downes - Rupert Everett
Walter Wallace - Philip Bosco
Joe O'Neal - M. Emmet Walsh
Samantha Newhouse - Rachel Griffiths
Amanda Newhouse - Carrie Preston
Isabelle Wallace - Susan Sullivan
Scotty O'Neal - Christopher Masterson
Title Sequence Performer - Raci Alexander
Title Sequence Performer - Jennifer Garrett
Title Sequence Performer - Kelleia Sheerin
Title Sequence Performer - Bree Turner
Flower Girl - Cassie Creasy
Kimmy's Grandma - Lucina Paquet
Old Woman #2 - Aida Baggio
Oldest Lady - Shirley Kelly
Party Guest - George Bozonelos
Party Guest - Loretta Paoletti
Stoner Guy #1 - Joseph Sikora
Stoner Guy #2 - Shale Marks
Wedding Singer - Phillip Ingram
Seamstress - Rose Abdoo
Tailor - JoBe Cerny
Bellman - Paul Giamatti
Self (as Chef Charlie Trotter) - Charlie Trotter
Captain - Ned Schmidtke
Karaoke Singer - Mark Swenson
Karaoke Girl - Mara Casey
Karaoke Waitress - Tonray Ho
Drunken Trashy Girl - Michelle Hutchison
Crabhouse Pianist - Robert Sutter
Customer - Charlotte Zucker
Customer - Susan Breslau
Customer - Burton Zucker
Customer - Sharon Haight
Walter's Secretary - Nydia Rodriguez Terracina
Office Janitor - Mike Bacarella
Conductor - Larry Santori
Sport Magazine Guy - Gene Janson
Sport Magazine Guy - Kevin Michael Doyle
Werner - Scott Kuhagen
Dining Guest - Sid Hillman
Dining Guest - Norman Merrill
Dining Guest - Renata Scott
Dining Guest - Anh Duong
Jonathan P.E. Rice - Harry Shearer
Excited Woman - Jennifer McComb
Angry Woman - Mary-Pat Green
Angrier Woman - Davenia McFadden
Loony Woman - Jo Farkas
Brunch Guest - Paul Adelstein
Karaoke Patron - Stephanie Burton
Singing Chef - Kathi Copeland
Intro Bridesmaid #2 - Amy Danles
Wedding Family Member - Jeff Dlugolecki
Dining Guest - Reese Foster
Brunch Guest - Leon 'Lee' Fuller
Karoake Patron - Kristi Gescheidler
Airport Traveller - Patricia E. Harrington
Wedding Guest - Jerod Howard
Cigar Sommelier - Joe Howe
Cigar Sommelier - Joe Howe
Party Guest - Chris Lowe
Singer - Debbie Marks
Restaurant Customer - Maureen Mendoza
Train Conductor - Molly Murphy
Rail Passenger - Robert Osladil
Florist - Eric A. Pot
Priest - Chelcie Ross
Weddind Attendee - Phil Senjanin
Baseball Fan in Ladies' Room - Maridean Mansfield Shepard
Wedding Guest - Ray Uhler
Taylor - Robert Velo
Karaoke Patron - Johnny White
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